Electrolysis in Thailand (cost, experiences)

I know a bunch of people who have gone to Thailand for various cosmetic procedures. Among these include transsexuals who had extremely cheap laser hair removal in Thailand.

Later this year, I might get an opportunity to go to Thailan for the first time and was wondering if anyone knows what the hourly rate for electrologists is over in Thailand. They seem to very very low cost for most cosmetic procedures in comparison to the US. I assume most of them will be in Bangkok?


Are there even electrologists in Thailand, tembo??? If there are, are they using a good computerized epilator with surgical magnification, removing hair at decent or excellent speed with minimal skin reaction?

It seems that most of the feedback from Asia is that there is a laser or IPL on every corner of every street, but electrolysis is rarely to be found. If there are electrolysis salons in Thailand, I would think the prices would be good, but would the other variables be present for a good experience in a decent time-frame?.

I’m sorry to lift up this old thread
But I know a lot of people looking for electrology in Thailand with no success
I live in Bangkok and in need of more practicing, so I welcome everyone who wish to try or to continue their fight against unwanted hairs. May be I am not very experienced one, but my DIY results are awesome and I had some friends who were my clients before I moved to Thailand and they are also very happy with results of my work on their skin. This feeling when you make someone more happy is priceless!
Instantron Elite Spectrum is my machine and I’m in love with it

Good for you, Tatiana. I’m sure there are many people that would love your help.

Is licensing required in Thailand? Did you apprentice with someone?

Did you purchase the Elite Spectrum brand new?

I have used the Elite Spectrum and it is a very nice machine indeed. Very comfortable and very basic, so it is easy to figure out.

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Hi, Dee! Thank you for your questions!
It is very complicated here to get this kind of job for foreigners. I would say impossible, because all the jobs that made by hand and can be done by locals are not allowed for falangs (foreigners).
So, all I can do is to offer my service for free to get more experience and with hope to move somewhere later where I can legally work as an electrologist.
Yes, my Instantron is a brand new and it was a long story of its customs clearance )) Thanks Skip, he was very patient and did his best to help me deal with it ))

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Tatiana. I am moving to Thailand in 4 months. I have sent you a PM. I hope you see it !

Are you still in Bangkok?


There was a HairTell forum contributer by the username “Kostik”, but unfortunately I can’t seem to access his old posts. He had Kobayashi-Yamada method electrolysis done in Bangkok at Yanhee Hospital with that Japanese machine, the HR-5000 by the IME company. Here are some videos taken in Japan of that machine:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5LDZLm6ANs (you can see the machine itself in this one)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldVN0k1xOxw (in this one you can see the needle going into the skin up close, and hear the beeping noise of the machine)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ae0133UnvqI (here Beauty Skin Clinic is doing eyebrows with those weird needles)


1-5-3 Kataoka cho, Takasaki-shi, Gunma prefecture, Japan (Bow Skin Clinic) http://med.wind.ne.jp/~yumi/about.html


There are photos of them using the HR-5000 machine, under the words "

● Needle depilation (Kobayashi formula)"





This website has step-by-step photos (using the plate under the area treated), as well as a photo of a bunch of those bent at a 90-degree angle, coppery-colored needles.

“Milady’s Hair Removal Techniques” book on page 159:

“This method uses the IME HR-5000 “spark gap” device with an operating frequency of 1 megahertz and 10 to 15 watts (compared to a thermolysis machine of approximately 7 watts), putting the output at two times that of a typical thermolysis machine. It also uses insulated needles and a pole plate that must be in contact with the client’s skin.”


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This might be a silly question, but I can’t find out how to post. Can someone help me?

I think you just did! Do you mean, start a new topic?

Thank you! very helpful since I am in Bangkok as well. but I cannot see any picture posted by “Kostik”. How can I fix this?

the pictures were posted long ago and likely hosted on an image hosting site that has expunged the content. In other words, they are likely gone forever.

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I have a photo of the machine they use now, they normally don’t allow recording devices in the operating room.

This 1 mhz machine was developed in Japan by Drs. Toshio Kobayashi and Shiro Yamada in the 1980s. The Kobayashi-Yamada method is based on high-powered flash thermolysis and proprietary insulated needles.

Enjoy that photo people, it’s a glimpse into what most of us, will only ever read about in textbooks.I remember questioning the original poster of this thread, completely fascinated by what I was seeing. Lots of ice for numbing, full clearances in massive sessions.The Kobayashi-Yamada method is still talked about in electrolysis texts around the world.

Lots of ice for numbing, full clearances in massive sessions.

Yes, the ice/cold compress is still integral to the process.

Did 4 sessions there, two with EMLA 2 with injected pain killer. Can’t imagine doing it without the injections now (even though it cost significantly extra).

Last session was 10am-3pm, 3 hours 10 minutes total w/ breaks and lunch. 16,757 THB. Cost includes Doctor/Nurse Fee 200THB, Electrolysis Fee 9864 THB, antibiotic steroid 117 THB, “set medical service” 6576 THB likely pain management / staff fee.

Apologies for digging up this old thread again, but are you still in Thailand?

We havent heard from Tatiana in the 3 years since she last posted. She may not see this.

Thanks for letting me know. Tempted to buy a machine and train up the wife to do it as a business. Yanhee is the only place that offers the service in all of Thailand by the looks and they are expensive. To give you an idea, it’s about $110 per needle and $175 per hour.

The upside is that they can give lidocaine shots to eliminate pain… although that adds another $50.

In Thailand, any skin penetration procedures, except tattooing, r allowed for relevant medical doctors only. GP, nurses & etc. r not allowed unless working for those drs allowed by Thai laws & regulations

Additionally, these rules r also applied to all light therapies, such as laser, IPL, diode, lllt and etc.

Electrolysis used to be offered by few other surgeons’ clinics in Thailand, now only one place when laser hair removal became popular from around 1999.

However many started to realise that laser only retard hair growth. After hair dormancy for upto around 5-6 yrs some hair started to grow back.