Electrolysis in Spain; Galvanic or Thermolysis

Hi all,

This is a question for anyone with information on Blend vs Galvanic and with information about electrologists in Spain - perhaps Josefa could help me there?

I am living in Barcelona and have been trying to find an electrologist that does blend. However, so far i’m having great trouble in finding a place that does it. The spanish market on the whole go for laser (due to dark hair, light skin)- so few clinics offer electrolysis. Nevertheless I did find some options - although they are pricier than I thought (over 1.20euro a minute on average).

My first electrolysis experience was 2 weeks ago - and she did thermolysis and said she didnt believe in blend(!). When I did research, i decided that thermolysis was not what I need - as I have very persistent chin hairs and a hormonal imbalance so I am looking for a long term solution - and yes, i am also controlling the hormones as I understand the hair is a symptom.

So having read that thermolysis is not the most effective; this week I went to another clinic - and this time, the lady says she only uses Galvanic!!

The galvanic experience was interesting, more painful than thermolysis and with more skin reaction afterwards. The machine was a Ros (with umlaut)and looked old, but the lady says she’s been doing this with success for years.

I am just wondering if (a)anybody could refer me to an electrologist in Barcelona that does blend or (b) reassure me that the galvanic method will work and is not so outdated that i’ll end up scarred and regretting it for my whole life!

Thanks for your time

Profile: blonde hair, hormonal zones (upper lip and chin), been tweezing for years and need to sort this out! Not rich but willing to invest my hard earned money in a long term result.

Hey lansjd,

I am not sure where you got your information from. Thermolysis, performed properly is just as effective as Blend. I’m sure you know that these days, Josefa only performs mainly (only??) thermolysis.

Blend is actually a combination of the thermolysis and galvanic currents. You can think of it as the thermolysis current giving the galvanic a ‘kick start’. Which is why it is much faster than galvanic on its own. Electrologists; feel free to correct me if I’m talking rubbish.

Both thermolysis and galvanic can work for you, if the electrologist is using them effectively. You say you had more skin reaction with galvanic - what was it? It may be a completely normal reaction and temporary reaction.

thanks stoppit

I’m not too worried about the post galvanic reaction; it seems normal - some redness- and will probably pass.

I had almost no reaction with the thermolysis (slightly red for about an hour - and then nothing, no redness, no crusts or anything). Actually, the lack of any reaction also made me suspect that maybe it was just a very expensive tweezing session!

If I cannot find an electrologist that does blend in Barcelona - perhaps I will have to choose between thermolosis and galvanic electrolysis - perhaps the experts can assist me in the best option.

I read on this forum and elsewhere -that thermolysis is not that suitable for very coarse hair (which I have on the chin) and also that it has regrowth chances that are higher than blend options. I also read that thermolysis needs to be carried out by a very experienced electrologist (i’m sure all methods do!) but that if not done correctly, it wont work and apparently blend or galvanic are ‘easier’ to get right for the electrologist.

Since I am living here only a short time; I am not so familiar with the reputation of the places- so I figured i should opt for blend as it is perceived to be ‘easier’ to get right.

thoughts and advice very welcome on this if I’m wrong

When you were having the thermolysis, were the hairs sliding out when she removed them? If she was tweezing, you would have felt it.

Really, I don’t think anyone can say because it depends how skilled the practitioner is in his/her modality.

Same thing goes for blend… what you say is sort of true. My electrologist performed both but was far more confident that her blend gives quicker permanent hair removal. But I’d base my decision on the work rather than the modality.

What I’d do, is go for another (or few more) short (15 min) sessions with both and get them to work on different sides of the chin. You’ll find out after a bit whose is more effective.

I remember one of my clients told me about a center called “Centro de electrología Gracia” (C/ Pelayo)

They did a good job on this girl. They use blend, and as I have understood, they were disciples of the school of Simin Sharoski (Bilbao), who in turn was a disciple of the school of Hinkel in USA.

Thanks a million Josefa,

That particular centre quoted 27Euro for 15 minute session - which is precisely double what I expected to have to pay and budgeted for - as I know this will take many sessions over a year. Good to know that somebody in Bcn does blend though. Could you ask your network to see if you can find somebody else with a more reasonable price for blend?

What do you think if I continue with the thermolysis or galvanic?..I just cant afford to spend double the money in the Centro de electrologia.

thanks for your help! its hard being a foreigner!
un abrazo

If we are considering that all are just as effective, then you also need to factor in the hairs per minute, if cost is an issue.

How long did it take to remove a hair with Galvanic? Was it multiprobe or one hair at a time?

Blend can be anywhere from 3 to 8 (or maybe even more??) hairs/min in my experience.

hi Stoppit,
thanks for your replies and advise- the galvanic appraoch appeared to be one hair at a time. I dont mind continuing with this if galvanic will definetly work, although I would love to try the blend but there’s just no where with a reasonable price that I can find doing it in Barcelona.

Josefa - could you ask your colleagues if they know of any place doing blend at a price of around 1euro - 1.30euro/minute?

thanks a million to all for your help

Hi all,

ok - think i’ve got one! just off the phone with an electrologist who says she does blend method and at a reasonable price, also very near city centre - so all sounds great for now.

I asked what machine she uses and she said Ramason (if i understood on the phone correctly!). Any words from the experts on that machine? I hope its a good one, I was told to search for an apilus but i’m having such a hard time in Barcelona finding electrologists let alone being picky over machine type!

Regarding the thermolysis session stoppit - i was sure i could feel her tweezing the hairs, which as you say, would suggest that she didnt really zap them properly. That was a very fancy place and very expensive too - am I allowed to name names on this forum? I have decided not to go back to her.

hopefully this blend session will go well next thursday, and if not, I will revert to the galvanic lady - who i felt did a good job, although the method is slower than blend or thermolysis.

thanks for all the support - experts - please let me know your thoughts on that machine.



I’m glad you have found another place to try.

But I feel you did not get my point. If the Galvanic say, removes 1 hair every 30 seconds, that is 2 hairs per minute. If the Blend is say, 4 hairs per minute (at the expensive place), then to remove 50 hairs will take half the amount of time at the blend place… thereby costing the same as removing the 50 hairs with galvanic. So you need to consider this too.

thanks stoppit - absolutely, you’re right about that. This new appointment is with a much more reasonably priced place that does blend though - so best of both worlds I hope; price and speed!

will see how it goes. Really hope this works as finding the between session waiting a bit hard…

all the best

The amount of skin reaction after any type of electro-epilation will depend on your skin, the amount of current and the electrolysis skills. Little or no reaction to thermolysis does NOT mean you had expensive tweezing done. The things to look for during and after treatment include the ease of hair extraction and the type of hairs you see growing within a few days of treatment (not including clients who were tweezing within 3 months).

Various consumers and professionals will have different opinions, based on their experiences, and I have mine, too. I disagree with the statement that thermolysis is not suitable for very coarse hair. This opinion comes from over 30 years of successful beard removal utilizing thermolysis.