electrolysis in NYC / Brooklyn

Hi, I’m hoping someone here can give me the name(s) of great electrologists in Brooklyn, preferably, or lower Manhattan. I know nobody personally whom I could ask, so please help :slight_smile: .
Also, I’m in college and can’t afford prices that are too high (e.g. Lucy Peters).

Below is a link to a list of electrologists recommended by transgendered women. That certainly doesn’t mean the ONLY do transgendered women, but it usually a good bet that someone recommended by TG women is good and has affordable rates. TG women often have a lot of hair to remove and not much money, due to all their other medical expenses.

TS Roadmap: TG-recommended electrologists-- New York

Check out Ronni Kolotkin at 212-366-6663. She’s in the W. Village currently. She advertises in the back of Time Out NY. She’s AWESOME – a true pro – and I am totally thrilled with the results of my sessions. She only takes women clients.

Hi, happy jenny does she do women who are asian or hispanic?? Please let me know about that. And does she have a website?? I want to get rid of my facial hair.

I’m in nyc area also looking for an electrologist. I’m a guy, so cant use this lady. I checked out the list you linked Andrea, but I was hoping to get a personal referral or feedback. Has any one used an Electrologist in the NYC area with good results.

I have quite a bit of hair to remove, so would really like to hear someone’s opinion.


I know a great electrologist in Brooklyn.
Treats any gender and any body area. Reasonably quick and gentle on my skin. I travel from Manhattan to brooklyn every time.