Electrolysis in NYC-area


I am interested in hearing your recommendations for an electrolysis in the NYC-area that has a lot of experience.

I am a male and I’m specifically looking to thin out my beard (not complete removal) so an electrologist with experience in this is a big plus.

Please PM me or reply on this thread. Would like to hear from you.

Arlene Batz in Queens.

Anyone else to recommend? Would be good to have a few choices

Yigi Mark comes to mind as well as any of the Lucy Peters offices in Manhattan. All 3 of these do premium work.

Are you suggesting them Laurier because you sell products to them or is your recommendation unbiased?

I’d be lying if I said I was unbiased, but that is an honest recommendation because I know the kind of work they do. I should also add Arlene Batz in Queens. I do have customers that use Laurier that I would not recommend.