Electrolysis in Norway

Hi! I am new to the group… Greetings from Oslo! I have worked as an electrologist for 27 years;. My education is feom Sweden, Norway, Uk and California/US. Am also a skin specialist.
I am the only one in the Nordic countries that does what i do. I have specialized in treating transgender girls.
My mentors are Mr John Fantz and Mr Michael Bono; I worship their knowledge and personalities! I work with progressive, manual Blend (I still have my original Hinkle machine - and of course a Clareblend…) Technique, which I was taught by Mr Fantz and specialized by Mr Bono. I also remove spider veins etc and lesions, pigmentation, milia and other skin issues.
I am so happy to be included in this professional forum. Thank you for letting me in - and I am looking forward to interesting discussiions.
XOXO Cecilie



Hello and welcome to the forums! We hope to learn from your experience on manual blend and electrolysis in general.

Thank you!:blush: I am very excited anout becoming a mver of this forum; to learn even more about electrolysis - and maybe have som advice to give.

Tjank you, too. I do believe that this is the method of preferance, when it comes to manual, progressive Blend. The original Blend metod by Hinkle. I work on a daily basis with trans girls, borh those that are in the health care system - under the Gender Altercation Divison, and those those who are not there yet - or can’t get in. Of course I have other clients, but am slowly narrowing it down to only trans girls. I have worked as a skin specialist for 27 years - the same with electrolysis and couperose&skintags etc. In Europe, we used thermolysis (flash technique) for many years,; this is what we were taught in school; it then beeing a part of the CIDESCO exam. My mother and I decided to do somerhing else… so we were taught Blend by mr John Fantz here in Oslo. For specilaizarion we were taught by Mr Michael Bono, who also visited us here in Oslo. He also went on a fishing trip with my father in the Norwegian mountains, and remains a family friend. . Their merhod and philosophy is what we dis - and do. Unfoerunatly my mother died 9 years ago, som there’s only me left. I have trained quite a few therapists, but you have to fo all rhe way to Antwerp, Belgium to find someone that does what I do. I have a clinic in Oslo Centre; where people (mostly trans girls) come fom all over tje Nordic countries to get treatment. Beeing a part of this forum is very exciting for me to participate in, and hope to learn new things and maybe share my Experiences. XO Cecilie

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Cecilie what kinda of cases do you mostly do with blend? Do you focus on faces or body work as well?
How do you address pain management for your clients?

Mistly trans girls. Of course; I also have female and male clients; usually facial work on women and neck & shoulders on men. There’’re a lot of hormonal imbalances as PCSO here. Scandinavia is one of the corners of the woekd with rhe most PCSO. I have also soecialized in rhat field. I find the more complicated cases more interesting and challenging. For pain management… well… the only thing we have, that is allowed, is Emla cream og mild Lidokain. No doctor iwill administrate anything over here. There are very strict rules and laws for this. Some of my upper lip clients, I send to a dentist for anesthetic, and that gives them relief. They have to just suffer through - which they most impressivly do.
I don’t do body work - maily because I don’t have time for them, and I prioritize face and upper body. I usually refer them to a lazer clinic; so they can get a temporariy, long hair rmoval session. They find that liveable, as rhe face is more important to them. Unfortunatly, I am the only ome who does what I do; apart from the few I have trained. I do teach electrology to interested therapists, as we are not limited to just one peofession here; Most of my students are and lash- and permanenet make up therapists as well. I find them the best students, as they are used to working on small areas. But none of them work on trans girls; tjat’s just me. And I love my girls :slight_smile:
XO Cecilie

You’re going to be fine here Cecile. Be sure to hit me up with any questions you may have I’d be happy to help.Here in Canada we have a hard time getting any medical professional to administer a local for electrolysis. I’ve come to believe it cant be done here.

Hello all, I am from Pakistan and I am electrical engineer. Can I pursue electrolysis as a profession? what is the step by step
procedure for this? I want to have some certification from a well known organization. But I lack funds. Do the electrolysis associations offer any scholarships to master electrolysis and have certifications? need your help in this regard, thanks in advance

I do not know the rules in Pakistan. I would check with your provincial government to see if there are rules about who can perform electrolysis. Many countries in your region do not have rules.