Electrolysis in North Carolina?

I’m trying to find an electrologist in the North Carolina area, and thought some might browse these boards. In the very least, I would love to hear a recommendation from anyone for someone they’ve used in the piedmont/foothills area of North Carolina. Thanks!

Good Luck!

My understanding is that things are kind of chaotic in North Carolina, and that finding a good electrologist there is even more difficult than it used to be. The state has lots of new impressive sounding regulations, but has not funded the mandate to actually allow for an infrastructure to help electrologists to comply. Result, some have gone out of business rather than be found in non-compliance with a law they can’t comply with. Others have simply gone underground until things shake out.

I guess you are back to our standard advise. Get as many consultations as you can, and talk to as many people as you can find in your area who have had the work done, if you can find anyone willing to talk.