Electrolysis in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Hello, I am Anita and live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
I have been practicing Electrolysis (mainly Thermolysis) for 18 years now.
My first post in HairTell all though I did visit this site in early 2000s.

my website is www.reniebeautyelectrolysis.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/reniebeautyelectrolysis


Hi Anita!
We’re happy to hear from you!
Readers may also find some of this other information useful:
The type of electrolysis Services you provide, Galvanic Thermolysis or blend, and also contact information might also be helpful.


Welcome to the forum, Anita! If you send me a picture of yourself I can make it your profile image. I also encourage you to add translations of your posts in other languages you know if you think it would help consumers find you!


Anita, I’m glad you posted on HairTell and it was nice seeing you on Electrology International, as well. Did you say you were the only electrologist in Malaysia or did you mean in Kuala Lumpor?


Hello Deedra,
as far as I know, I am the only 1 in the whole of Malaysia! but it’s not all good!! I really appreciate competitors now… this word Electrolysis hair removal is not known by most. I have to create awareness and it really drains me financially.
I also need to be creative with words and also need to overcome the mass adverts by big giants on IPL and Laser, and all the aesthetic doctors saying electrolysis is old news!! it is very demoralizing, that is why i am now actively joining Electrologist groups so I am not ALONE!!:slight_smile:


Thank you Andrea, I will send you my profile picture soon. The translation idea is great. I would work on it.


Hi Anita…
I am Sherly Kollannur from India.
Please visit my website www.lilielectrolysis.com
I am surprised, you are the only Electrologist in the whole of Malaysia.
I have five clinics in India.
You are invited to visit India and spend a few days in India doing Electrolysis.
Sherly Kollannur