Electrolysis in India

Hi … Greetings from India.
I am a practicing Electrologist from India.
Please visit our website www.lilielectrolysis.cim
Sherly Kollannur

LiLi Scientific Electrolysis

Welcome Sherley We’re happy to see you posting and taking part !

We are pioneers in Scientific Electrolysis in India. I have started practicing Electrolysis from 1993 onwards.
We run five clinics in India.
We also have a training academy ‘LASE Academy’.
We offer Diploma in Scientific Electrolysis (DSE), which is a well accepted course in the industry.
We also organise refresher programs in Electrolysis.
Sherly Kollannur

Watch the video the 1st Convocation of LASE Academy awarding Diploma in Scientific Electrolysis.
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I just saw a client who is from India, but lives two streets away from me and also in Abu Dhabi. She jumps on planes as often as I jump in my car. She said that many clients from Pakistan do come to India for their work. Have you considered that? Sounds like a great clinic that was listed above.

Hello Deedra
Who’s this client. Could you give us lead. We have associate Electrolysis clinics in Dubai. Probably we may direct her to them.
Sherly Kollannur


I’m Mumbai based and I’m having on choosing a between two electrologists in my area.

The First one has great reviews about her electrolysis but there was lot of scabbing on my face after the sessions. Also I’m getting a lot of acne since the time I have started electrolysis.

Can you let any guidelines on on which basis I can select one from the two.