Electrolysis In Glasgow


To begin with, I am a 26 year old female of Indian descent, moving to Glasgow for further studies. I have always had issues with facial hair, but something that was manageable with monthly sessions. However, when I moved to the UK ended up taking things in my own hands (yes, plucking :frowning: ) and must say it has made things worse!

It was only in december last year that i finally accepted that I have a problem and need to do something about it. Got my blood stuff done and there was a hormonal imbalance. Change in lifestyle has brought a definite change and today 8 mnths later my blood reports are getting progressively better. I still have a long way to go but think that its time to start with the permanent hair removal treatments.

My main issue is the coarse chin hair, and after following most threads I have decided to not go for laser and stick with electrolysis for this area (as the hair is not focussed and is scattered…do not want to take chances with induced hair growth!)

Any recommendations for a good electrologist in the glasgow area? I am going to be here for 3 years, having the stability, money and courage I haven’t had in the past 5 years to start and stick with this treatment.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Christine may be able to help out. Private message her, if you would like.
The post below is from 2010:

"Are you far from Oban? A former colleague is returning to set up practise in Oban, and will be using The Apilus platinum. She will probably be setting up her clinic in Dec/jan, so you may be able to experience for yourself, the difference Dee is trying to convey. Glasgow has got some good clinics,so you should do just fine.

Christine O’ Connell, D.R.E., F.I.E. ,M.B.I.A.E. (UK)"

Thanks Dee, Hello Tan123 I’m Mairi I worked with Christine in Sydney for several years, now located in Oban about 2 and half hours from Glasgow. You could try the British Institute and Association of Electroysis i know there is some members in Glasgow. However, I don’t think anyone has Apilus platinum, have a few consultations and some test patches before you comitt.

Mairi, I totally pay you a visit if I were in Scotland.

Hey Dee, Mairi,stopit&tidyup thankyou for your advice, much appreciate it. Mairi, I will PM you as I need some further advice, hope that is OK?


Very happy to answer any queries? and thankyou stopit&tidyup

Hi Tan, I’ve just sent you a message!

Thanks sparkly_tears :)x