Electrolysis in Dubai


I m looking for electrolysis in dubai

I had HT 8 months ago and i m not happy with hairs on the hairline as it is so sharp and defined

I m thinking of electrolysis as it is accurate tool to remove hair but also i m aftaid from scarring

Can someone advise me here and where i can find good electrolyigst in Dubai

Many thanks

According to my client from Dubai (who I just treated), there are no electrologists in Dubai. She said it is very hard to have a business there with all the rules and regulations. You will have to travel.

I recall that Mairi Hawkes in Scotland, once had a client who came To her For treatment from Dubai, so it seems that travelling is the only option.

Someone mentioned a place called Silkor was recommended. I can not speak on behalf of that poster, but considering the posts here suggest your options are limited, it may be worth a shot

Thanks, can you tell me where is the nearest place to travel and do it

From your expereience, can i remove the transplant hair using electrolysis ?

So far there is no scars and the work is clean but the skin raised as tiny circles under each root

I m planning to remove now the hairline to have more receded look and in the future remove everything gradually

Yes, the transplanted hairs can be treated successfully. Hopefully someone else will be able to help out regarding the best location to travel to for treatment.