Electrolysis in conjunction with vanquia ??

Hello all, Our Dr has said that she could prescribe Vanquia for my daughter but we are already having electrolysis, but the electrolysis is taking a long time which we expected and am happy to stick with it but am just wondering if you can use the cream in conjunction with treatment and if this has good results or just makes the electrolysis more diffucult ? Any advice would be really appreciated :slight_smile:

My opinion is that it would be a waste. The money spent on vaniqua would better be spent on electrolysis, and if the drug worked at all, it would, by definition, make hairs unavailable for treatment. It is better to put effort into getting to the point where you get to first clearance, and then fully reclear the area at least once every 6 weeks until one is finished. One would at least have a period of weeks where there was no visible hair, and later, the practitioner would be able to remove hairs before they are noticeable and you look finished, even as you continue to work on the solution.

Thanks James, thats really helpful perhaps we will avoid the cream then. My daughter is having blood tests at the moment to check her hormones and we will see what they come up as, but for now we will just continue with the electrolysis, as from what i have read on here for blonde hair its pretty much the only permanent option!

The client won’t know IF Vaniqa will work for them until they try it. It simply depends on if the client has the enzyme in their skin that is causing the hair growth. There is no test for this enzyme.

If it works, then future growth can be diminished, but that is ONLY if it is used as directed. Used as directed, it is fairly expensive and there can be some side effects (skin irritation). Once stopped, then hair will grow as it had before.

Electrolysis is not contraindicated with Vaniqa and vice versa.

I agree with James that it is a waste, but people still use it in conjunction with electrolysis.

What area is your daughter having electrolysis? Are the hairs thick? What do you mean by a long time, if I may ask?

What area is your daughter having electrolysis? Are the hairs thick? What do you mean by a long time, if I may ask? [/quote]
She is having treatment on her face, sideburns and cheeks, but because of her age we are only having 45 minutes once and week, so think its going to be a long term thing. Yes the hairs are thick and coarse, we did consider laser treatment but her hair is blonde so no good apparently.

Thats interesting to know that people do use the two together but it seems that It may be just delaying things in the long run. I am in the UK so the cream would be on the NHS,(i.e I wouldn’t have to pay anymore than £8 for a prescription).