Electrolysis in Belgium

Hello everyone,

Has anyone ever heard of this place where they do electrolysis in Belgium? It’s not a clinic but rather a Russian woman that does only electrolysis.

Here are some of the pictures she posts. I’m not sure if her technique is good. Can any expert see if seems to be good?

Here’s the link to her profile. She has videos showing how she does the electrolysis: https://instagram.com/electroepilation_brussels?utm_medium=copy_link

Many thanks.

This does not appear to be tweezing. “Electroepilation” (hair removal using electrical current) is the same as electrolysis.

Thanks for your answer. Would you possible be able to tell it her technique is good? Like she doesn’t overtreat or anything like that? Unfortunately I can’t tell

Oh, I see that she’s using my “pain area” illustration from my original book. Actually, that’s okay, because I’m working on making that chapter into another free publication. (In some way, it’s sort of cool to see my drawings showing up here-and-there.) Of course, a Chinese company has copied and sells all my books … they are such NAUGHTY people!

:joy::joy: in your opinion, does it seems like she’s doing a good work? I saw one of her videos and after using the needle in one hair, the hair doesn’t come out easily and it’s sort of plucked out. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. I’ve seen Josefa removing hair easily with only her fingers

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Prestige stopped selling your books it appears. And copies on Amazon are worth as much as Egyptian artifacts from King Tut’s tomb.

Yes, I agree … I went to TES and was not able to sift thru all the stuff and had a hard time finding my own books too. Prestige was, for me anyway, impossible to deal with and took months-and-months to pay their bills. Nice website though.

We’re considering several options to make purchases easier. Eric and I are trying to update with the understanding that websites also have to be readable on a cell phone (not just a computer). Probably TES has not considered that aspect. My old website was so messy that we just flushed the whole thing.

Indeed that is always the million-dollar question … “How do I know if she’s doing good work?” Just seeing a video, or if you feel a pluck, doesn’t seem enough, does it? And, frankly, it’s not enough.

Doing a test area and waiting the appropriate time to see what happens is, I’m sorry to say, the ONLY way to confirm the work is working.

Have you been? I am also looking for an electrology in Belgium