electrolysis in atlanta area?

I did a search, and couldn’t find anybody that has been referred. Has anybody been to a good electrolysis in the atlanta area? I am a male with a few stray hairs on my back that i would like to get taken care of… thanks.

The more hair you have, the more important it is to have a good electrologist. The proficency of electrologists ranges from lousy to superb, and I have seen them all.

A good start for your search is the yellow pages. Call every electrologist and have a list of questions: what modality do you use? How long have you done electrolysis? do you offer a free consultation? That will get you started. Read this bulletin board and you will know if you are receiving good treatment.

good luck!

Snaffle is right.

There is a place where I checked out electrologists, and found a range that went from people like one practitioner who had very impressive looking credentials and a fancy office, but performed VERY PAINFUL treatments in a manual blend method that yeilded maybe 20 hairs per hour — and this person was charging $85 per hour! :angry:
A few miles away, you find a person who has 20 years experience, but still doesn’t know how to make a treatment setting that doesn’t blow holes in your face. This person wouldn’t even turn down the intensity when I asked. Price structure there, was $75 per hour, plus a $15 treatment supplies charge. That’s $90 for the first hour, $75 thereafter. Fast treatment, but one would not want to be seen in public for 3 to 6 weeks after treatment. Strangely enough, neither of these people offered free sample treatments with their consultations.

I also found a fast thermolysis operator charging $60 per hour, who had no credentials and although she was using a very old machine, and left me with swelling and weeping skin, her work was fast, and there was no discoloration nor dark scabbing. It only took 3 or 4 days for my skin to heal from her work. A free sample treatment was also included in the consultation here. Hmmm, curious don’t you think?

In this place, the best deal in town both for one’s skin and wallet, although this place did not have the best group to draw from, was the least expensive person who also happened to have the least pretty pieces of paper on the wall and an office that can only be described as Spartan.

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The individual I use in Atlanta is great, but because I see her for work in “personal areas” she would prefer me not to give out the name of her business.

However, I found her simply by calling literally every electrologist in the Atlanta area that was in reasonable proximity to my work or home, and asked direct questions. If they were not willing to answer questions, or did not want to treat men, I ruled them out.

Making all those calls I found two that would do the work I wanted done.

jwk – i sent you a private message. if you could read it, i would appreciate it.

I am sure that your electrologist doesn’t mind you making a direct referral of her business from one person to another. Most just don’t want to have an avalanch of phone calls from 100’s of people curious about certain kinds of work, but not serious about doing anything.

It is also a point that any electrology practice has a certain capacity for clients that once filled can not be exceeded. If you are near capacity, it is useless to have new prospective clients, because all you can do is annoy everyone involved with the fact that you don’t have room to fit them in your already packed schedule.

We don’t sell widgets here, we can’t just double our product orders and take advantage of the extra demand. We sell time, and we have no more of it to give than the next person.

Ask your electrologist if she minds you sending her a direct referral, and I am sure her answer will be yes. She may even have a thank you gift for you, even if it is only a free hour of treatment.

I think part of the problem with the person I use is that she is in solo practice, and performing electrolysis on men in “private” areas presents a few additional problems.