Electrolysis in a tattoo.

For students of Electrology.

Treatment of follicles (Electrolysis, Thermolysis or Blend) in tattooed skin, involves the risk of certain changes in the density of the pigment. This is an example of those changes.

You should warn your client of this possibility. The owner of this tattoo was advised and informed in advance. Despite this, she wanted to go ahead because she wanted her tattoo removed by laser. At this time, she does not have enough money for it. It is for this reason that I agreed to try to remove the tattoo by Electrology. This is the first time, I hope it goes well. Wish me luck!

I don’t think I would reccomend the IBP for such an undertaking Josefa. Our aim is to keep surface reaction to a minimum, and that, I believe is just what you will need for this. I should think a sharper, uninsulated needle would be more appropriate.

And that is my intention, Mike. I do not want to replace this tattoo a permanent scar, this would be disastrous. You have read my mind, I thought to use your probes.

I am convinced we can do, breaking up the pigment into smaller particles that are reabsorbed by the body. Let me prove it. My client has nothing to lose except the tattoo that she hates. You know, to keep skin in perfect condition is my main priority. :slight_smile: