Electrolysis help?

Hi all,

I read somewhere the sucess depends on how much moisture you have in your hair. Is it better to warm the area with a wet cloth or put lotion on before you start? Just to increase moisture?

Also, I know that you must remove hair with the ‘bulb’ intact, if you do this, does this mean that you are sucessful and the hair wont grow back? I have also noticed some ‘bulbs’ are larger then others, in the same area, does this make a difference?

I have pulled hairs out that came out easily, but the ‘bulb’ seems to have 'melted"?, it remains as a spot on the skin, and if I gently squeeze the skin, the ‘melted’ part comes out, does this also mean that I destroyed the follicle or is it going to regrow?

Is there an increased chance of ingrown hairs if you dont get the whole follicle done? what are regrowth rates for hairs that come out very easily with bulbs attached?

Also, when I am done, my legs look like I’ve been stung a lot of time by bees, all bumpy and red looking, like chicken skin. The older areas look like little red ‘dots’ like the pore has been enlarged… Is this ok? It doenst normally hurt, it just stings for a couple of days afterwards and the bumps go away, but the ‘dots’ I described are still there…

I also have a tattoo on my ankle that I’ve read I shouldn’t treat myself. I plan on going to a professional to get that area done… I’m thinking its probably the best thing to do right?

Sorry for all the questions, but I’ve been using it on all parts of my body and find big differences in different areas. With all the contortionists poses I’ve been doing to get rid of the buggers, I want to make sure I’m doing this correctly and not wasting my time…
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Jan-- sorry about the slow response. Moisture content in the skin does appear to affect results, though I’m not aware of any clinical data proving this.

It can’t hurt, though-- drinking lots of water, using humidifiers if it’s dry in your home, and moisturizing can all help improve your moisture content. it can usually make your skin look a little nicer, too!

A melted bulb or intact hair sheath may be an indicator that you had a successful treatment of that hair, but it’s no guarantee the result will be permanent. Hairs with sheaths are usually actively growing, and those hairs are the easiest to kill.

Incomplete treatment can damage a follicle rather than destroy it. The regrowth can be a deformed hair, which can sometimes be more like to be an ingrown.

Red dots that last more than a couple of days may be signs of overtreatment or of sun exposure following treatment.

You should not treat a tattooed area yourself.