Just joined this forum!I’m considering electrolysis for removing facial hair- chin and sides of face. I have thick dark hair on my chin (about 100+ hairs) and a mix of some dark thick hairs (about 30+) and light, thin but long hairs on sides OF FACE.

I am considering 2 electrologists in my area ( I am in Berkeley, in the bay area- california)I found them online and they both have good yelp reviews and have been in practice for over 20 yrs.

One does ONLY galvanic and looking at my facial growth she has estimated 3yrs(!). I did a test with her (only 1 hair removal) and she had me hold a moist tube with a wet paper towel wrapped around it. I had to say that the thought of ‘holding’ an electrode was a bit nerve racking.

The other electrologist does a blend (uses pedals)and has a ‘Clareblend’ analog machine from 20 yrs ago and is now thinking of buying the same machine in a digital format. She does not give time/cost estimates.

I got threading done on my face a few weeks ago and still have whiteheads and red spots from that. I know I have sensitive skin that breaks out easily.How do I decided which way to go- galvanic or blend??


You will have to compare skin results to get the best feel for who will give you the best skin result, but if the treatment were equal, I would go with the blend operator, as she will be able to do more hairs in a shorter time, and thus get you finished quicker. Galvanic only would be fast if it got 60 to 100 hairs in an hour. Blend can do 250 in an hour if the practitioner is fast. Of course, if you had a thermolysis operator to choose from, who offered good skin results with decent speed, you would beat both of these offerings.

If you only have 130+ hairs to remove I would go with Galvanic. However, if it’s a full face of course hair, then you might wanna think about Blend. I wouldn’t consider Thermolysis a good method unless your facial hairs are fine. Good luck =)

I’m not sure where you are located Lacey or where you were trained, or if you are an electrologist, but actually, thermolysis IS a great method for all hair structures. Many professional electrologists have re-tooled and re-trained, using the best professional epilators made on this earth. They choose insulated probes or gold probes that match the diameter of the hair being treated and then they “fly” away in auto-sensor mode using a variety of thermolysis modes that their epilator provides to remove very coarse to very thin hair. For the Apilus Platinum, we have the choice of MicroFlash, PicoFlash or Synchro - all great thermolysis choices. Synchro is a thermolysis mode that is like a quick blend and it works very well on par with what Susan Anderer’s S.I.M.P.L.E. method does.

The old way of thinking, back in the middle part of the 20th century, was that thermolysis is reserved for thin hair, but they didn’t have the research and the better computerized epilators back then. We now have those special tools and training today in the 21st century and they are simply magical. Thermolysis today, with a re-trained, re-armed modern electrologist is quite frankly hands down just as effective and quicker for any hair structure. We know that all methods work, but those in the profession that are not curious to see what is new and try what is new, may be left behind with their very effective old ideas that may serve to frustrate the client’s patience level. That in turn could hamper their business in the end.

We highly respect the virtues of galvanic electrolysis and blend electrolysis here on hairtell. I use blend, depending on the situation, but not very much anymore. A new found respect needs to be understood by all electrologists for the hard working epilator manufacturers that have engineered epilators that blow a hole in the older theories of hair removal, per thermolysis.

Dear Dee, I totally agree with your assertion that the old theories should be abandoned. Especially when it has clearly proved that these theories are false.
I always read that the thermolysis, is faster but less effective, however, I got the same results in Thermolysis or Blend.
The new thermolysis at 27 MHz, is a new concept that far exceeds any Blend.
It would be great to pose all of us now abandon the old theory that is best for the client, working in anagen.


I think of you everytime I remove a telogen hair, Josefa!

and I hope those thoughts are for good. :wink:

Have you worked the Multiplex?. Any coarse hair is removed or bent in split second.

I am mainly picoflashing these days. I did microflash for years before pico and it worked very well to remove hair, but Pico is more comfortable for my clients by comparison, so they say.

My clients also expressed preference for Picoflash in the face, however, follicles deep armpits or legs, get more speed with the same comfort.