Electrolysis for the TG Client

What is the best way to advertise to the TG community?
I don’t know of any Electrologist in my area that will work on TG. I would LOVE to!!!
How should I go about doing so?

Hi Nanci,

There is www.tsroadmap.com
or www.gender.org.

You should also check for your local TG association. Do a search on the internet. Last month I did a presentation on electrolysis for our local association.
Good luck!

What is the best way to advertise to the TG community?
I don’t know of any Electrologist in my area that will work on TG. I would LOVE to!!!
How should I go about doing so?

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Dear Nanci,

The above quote indicates that you would like to treat the TG client however you do not indicate that you are an electrologist as your profile, shown above, tells us that you are in home health.

If you are indeed a board certified electrologist, I can put you in touch with a leading electrologist in your territory who works extensively with Gender Reassignment Surgeons and can guide you in helping the TG community with hair removal and prep. hair removal prior to the SRS (sexual reassignment surgery).

For the lay people, I understand that it is easy enough to purchase an epilator on-line however even if one claims that there is limited electrology services for the TG community, and wants to fill that niche, seek out electrology training before embarking on a career as a provider of permanent hair removal. If you do not, you might bring harm to yourself and those you are hoping to serve.

WOW, I did not check Nanci’s profile. Nanci, are you a trained electrologist?

Oh boy, yes, you DEFINITELY need to be skilled in electrolysis to help transgender clients. Their hair is dense, coarse and deep-rooted. GREAT HARM AND PERMANENT SCARRING can be done to them if the electrologist is not properly trained. It is not an easy and simple process to kill the hairs and not cause skin damage. I would not embark upon this venture if you are not trained. You can wind up losing a lot…

Nanci, working on yourself or even a family members body area is one thing, but you really shouldn’t overreach to work on someone you don’t know if you are not trained and licensed. You certainly can’t accept money for performing electrolysis on anyone, but I know that is not your motivation.

You seem so spirited and inquisitive about doing electrolysis, judging from your past posts, and I bet you would make a very good electrologist. When you start looking for people (guinea pigs) to practice on, you are are overstepping a boundry. So… why don’t you make a plan for yourself and get trained and carve out a very satisfying livihood for yourself. It sounds like your community could use another good electrologist.


Thank You for all of your responses!!!
I’m currently hitting the books for the CPE exam and I don’t know which one I should take or both???
The Electrology Assoc. has one and Allied health has another. If you take Allied’s and pass you get a discount on services.
I finished my Electrolysis class in April and did well!!
I know the damage that can be done because I’ve had that done to me.
I feel a little weird say I’m an Electrologist when I come from a state that won’t reconize my trainning.
I’ve done well so far and I intend on gaining more trainning. I feel as if I’ve had Electrolysis 101, 102, and now I’d like to take 103.
I’m very cautious about what I’m doing and I use my Home Health education to my clients advantage.
I’ve had Electrolysis done on and off for 18 years and I’ve only seen one Electrologist wash her hands.
So at least my clients get that.
And of course lots of love.
I always start off slow and low…

Hi Nanci:

You said:
“I’ve had Electrolysis done on and off for 18 years and I’ve only seen one Electrologist wash her hands.”

  • Ewwwh!!! My electrolygist uses rubber gloves thank you!

    Good luck on your future in electrolysis.


Congratulations Nanci. I have known electrologists from your state who indicated that they did indeed have limited resources.

Your learning curve will expand once you align yourself with your neighbors in Oregon. Navigate through their website and contact Jaimee Bloom, the president of the Oregon Association of Licensed Electrologists (OALE). Jaimee has experience working with the TG client and has worked with physicians in preparation for SRS.

Where did you go to school? Where will you be taking your CPE exam? One is coming up this Fall but is going to be in on the east coast. Next year it will be on the west coast.



Just a sidenote in regards to the comment on electrolysis in preparation for SRS. Some surgeons such as Meltzer require it, but others such as Brassard and Suporn do not.
They use another technique to remove hair in the surgery area at the time of surgery.

You should really check with your prospective surgeon before undertaking electrolysis in a sensitive area.


And should you find that you end up with hair inside your neo-vagina, you can always contact Dr. Sarah Becker for post SRS electrolysis. “sara"at sign"sarabecker.com” (you know it should be emailaddress@websitename.com but since we all get enough spam, I have worded it so that only a person reading it and not a web crawler can read it.)

Hi James:

I haven’t heard of that being a problem, nor is it my personal experience. But if it happens to me, I will either rush out to see her or just save them in my scrapbook!


I am only saying that she has had enough people needing that service that she has a set up using gynocological procedures to make those hairs available for treatment.

Hi James:

Dr. Brassard recommends that if someone is getting genital electrolysis that they get it only in a 1 inch square area which he would send a diagram to illustrate. He would also recommend that they finish the electrolysis some time period before undergoing the surgery so as to not have any newly treated hairs which might come back.

If I hear of anyone with hair regrowth problems I will keep Sara’s name in mind.

Thanks, Alicia

You are welcome.

I know that many doctors think that they can just “scrape the hair off while they have the skin flaps turned over and maybe cauterize them for good measure” but many researchers have tried that and found regrowth when the skin resets with the rest of the body.

I know some doctors also have worries that post electrolysis scrotal tissue may “lose elasticity” due to post electrolysis healing, or electrology trama. I guess that is possible, but I have only seen scrotal skin get softer after my treatments.

Of course, I am not saying that my results are what one would get at any electrolysis place one threw a dart at a list of electrologists to find someone to do your work.

Hi James:

I personally have not experienced any ingrown hairs, nor have any other patients I have talked to who have gone through my doctor.


I am glad to hear that.
I don’t know what the difference is between those who have your experience, and those who end up having treatment with the gynocological spreaders.
I don’t claim to have all the answers.

Alicia Daaaaahling,
Save them in your scrapbook! LOL! That is good!


Yes I will keep them in the scrapbook. If I ever get any.
I will keep them next to the words of James saying:
“I told you so!”

Here is a link on the subject from TS roadmap for those who are interested. It even discusses some of the technique.



Thank You for your help!!!
I asked around locally and found a bar a couple of miles from home. It’s a GLBT bar I learned a ton!!!
I asked about advertising my business and that I’d love to have the GLBT community apart of my clientel. Wow I was handed a SGN( Seattle Gay News) I placed my add on the spot and they let me leave info on Electrolysis and my cards!!!
The guys said in all the years they have been open they have NEVER been approached by an Electrologist.
Good for me!!

You could have a tidal wave of business in a year or less. Keep in mind that it would only take about ten full beard clearances to pre-book your whole year, based on full time hours, and 100% compliance with treatment visits.

Of course in the real world, you will not get that… you will get 20 clients all not following full compliance, but you will have lots of work just the same.