Electrolysis for the first time

After a year of contemplation, yesterday I finally tried it.

I have upper lip hair that never has been removed, the only thing I have done to it was bleaching.

Initially I was very very scared of the pain and scarring. One thing I regret not doing is asking the important questions before the procedure, like what method was being used etc. (I know it was either blend or shortwave because I asked before deciding on which electrologist to go to).

She asked me if I did anything to my hair before and how long ago it was since I’ve bleached(I said a few weeks). I asked her how long she would think it would take and she said about a year and a half, depending on how my skin reacts. She said every other week for 10 minutes should be good. Then she went right in. At first I asked for 5 minutes because I wasn’t sure how painful it would be, but it was surprisingly tolerable. It just felt like a prick each time for me, so we went for 10 minutes.

During the procedure, I felt her zapping the same area a few times on some spots which scared me a little… (Feel free to share opinions on this matter)

right after the procedure the area was swollen and red, swelling went down pretty quickly, after an hour I would say swelling was 90% gone? and redness went down as well, but the follicle area(?) where the hairs have been removed were still a little red. 3 Hours after the procedure I went to the movies with my friend and she couldn’t tell that I’ve had electrolysis done, so that was a relief :eek:

I applied witch hazel a several times. When I woke up this morning one side of my lip was completely back to normal, but the other side you could still see a little bit of redness in the follicle area. But it is hardly noticable.

I was just wondering, what should I be putting on the area to make the redness(in the follicle) go away? My electrologist told me just to apply witch hazel several times, and that’s about it.

Dont worry…its normal.The area which is treated with more intensity of current will have redness to last for more time.I hope it recovers soon…

Do post some pics of your progress…it will be helpful to others who are in deliemma and afraid of electrolysis…You will help them.