Electrolysis for sensitive skin

I did one electrolysis session on my face two weeks ago. Apilus machine (65 intensity). my skin is so sensitive. I couldn’t handle it but my electrologist said it’s normal and she insisted to continue with the same intensity. I got around 34 scabs. and I also noticed that I have some pitting on my cheeks.
I’m so disappointed I want to continue with the sessions but I’m afraid I don’t want to damage my skin. :frowning:
My sister did two sessions with other electrologist at the same clinic and everything went good.
So I was wondering What could cause this problem for me? Is it the high intensity or my sensitive skin? Or the electrologist? What can I do to prevent pitting?

any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Oh my goodness Abby that skin reactions looks well within the realms of normal. If you want a completely skin reaction free face, well you wont be recieving electrolysis, but plucking. Have some faith in your electrologist.


I don’t see much to worry about either. I do not see any pitting.

All will heal fine. Don’t pick the tiny scabs. These tiny wounds will heal like every wound, from the bottom up and then the scabs will fall off naturally.

Tell your electrologist about the scabs. Maybe she will want to use an insulated probe next time or try different energy levels?

I know It’s not so noticeable but I can see some tiny pits when I check in the mirror. So is it something related to the probe used or energy level? Because I read that electrolysis could cause this problem especially on cheeks.

watch all four videos on healing skin … you answers are in there.

start here:

Thanks for your response.
So what I understood from the videos is that pits are temporary and not permanent it will heal over time, right? I just got panicked because every article I read on google is saying that pitting is a rare and permanent side effects.
What about pebbling? It also looks similar to pitting? But not possible to form from first session right?

Correct-a-mundo … You have a B+ and certificate on the way.

You don’t have pebbling and that’s doesn’t happen on the face anyway. Just get the hairs removed and “live happily ever after!”

Sorry for asking a lot but what about ingrown hairs? What can cause them? I noticed some ingrown hairs on my neck after the first session + some tiny pimples, I don’t think it’s normal.
I did today the next session, I got some bruises when she tried on low energy level to avoid scabs and the hairs didn’t come out! Is it an over treatment? It won’t cause scars?

Over treatment is when there is too much energy, not too little that your hairs don’t even come out. Based on your photo, you’re not being over treated at all, but I think your electrologist is so afraid to do anything with you by now,that she started under-treating you where like you say your hairs don’t slide out.

If hairs are not sliding out easily, you’re wasting your time and might as well get waxing which is cheaper.