Electrolysis for postmenopausal facial hair

Does electrolysis work for postmenopausal hair situation?

Also, there are five listings under electrolysis. Which sounds best?
1 - lists a R.N. BS and state licensed
2 - lists R.E., C.P.E, and W.E.A. and state license
3 - lists C.P.E. and R.E., computerized blend technique
and state license
4 and 5 - no advertisement, just name.

Thanks for any information on how to pick someone is appreciated.

Electrolysis done by a competent professional is the best solution for 100% permanent removal of 100% of the offending hairs.

Now if you go back to your profile, and please fill in a location, we may be able to give you a specific recommendation in your area.

Which sounds best? All those initials really don’t tell the whole story. Get a consult and a short treatment from each and then you will know who to trust with your skin and money.

Of course, do your research about electrolysis and understand all you can from A-Z, FIRST, so you will be in the awesome position to make a great decision.

Read this forum as much and as long as you can. Pay particular attention to James Walkers posts. Okay?


Thanks to both of you for responding. I feel confident that this is solvable.

I have been reading posts on this site on and off and I had gotten overwhelmed with information. I did go to read the James Walker posts exclusively beacause they are informative – and entertaining. Helps relieve the tension.

I live in Fox Cities area of Wisconsin - Appleton and surrounding towns. Green Bay is about 30 minutes away, so it’s a possibility.

One lady called back and only does galvanic, practiced since '79, Patricia Diamond, RE, CPE, WEA.

The other ads are Judy R. Johnson, RN, BS, hasn’t called back as to what method, also offers photo rejuvination skin therapy.

The other ad is Marsha M. Davis, CPE, RE, computerized blend techniques, licensed since '76.

The other two don’t have any information, just the name.

One thing I learned is don’t do laser. Thank God for this website, or that’s what I would have done.

One last question, I use Obagi skin care, which uses hydroquinone to even skin tone, retin-A at night, and exfoderm forte which has alpha-hydroxy acids to peel away dead skin. I have a feeling that I would need to stop these products when I start electrolysis. Do you have an opinion on that?

Thanks for your help. This website is amazing.

If you are referring to the Obagi NuDerm program, that is good stuff for dark spots, but you do need that retinoid at night also, from what I hear.

There is no contraindication for using any electrolysis modality if you are using a retinoid to increase the rate of cell turnover or are on a low-concentration alpha-hydroxy acid regime, but expect more redness and general sensitivity during and after the treatment. You may have some scabbing of the area,also.

The electrologist probably would need to decrease the intensity and/or timing. Switching to an insulated probe maybe helpful, also.

Oh, and can you go back to to your profile and fill in where you are from even though you listed that information in your post?


Thanks for the info on Obagi Newderm. I’d rather not give it up. I’ll mention your advice to the electrologist.