Electrolysis for men questions..

hello everyone, i was just curious how much it generaly costs for men to get their chest and stomach and back done?

It depends on how many hours it will take the electrologist to clear everything, and that will vary a lot from person to person. From what I’ve read, electrolysis rate range from $50 to $100 per hour.


How much hair do you have? Is every inch of your back,chest and abdomen covered with hair? How many hairs are there per square inch? What is your pain tolerance levels like?

Time and cost questions are the most difficult to answer without seeing your problem because there are many variables. To add to this incomplete answer, you will get faster clearance with an electrologist that has the right equipment (epilator and vison) and makes nearly all perfect insertions with the right intensity and timing. If you are thinking about doing these large areas, go for a practitioner that does flash thermolysis well. Speed is what you need.


okay, thanks so much for the info, you guys done happen to know of an excellent one i should go to in the Portland Oregon Area do u?