Electrolysis for fine hair

Hi there,

I am considering electrolysis however I was told by one electrologist that I went to that it is not possible to work on fine hair. I have mostly fine but dark hairs covering my entire face and they are most certainly visible. They are not like the hair on my head or even my arms, but even finer…however they bother me. I thought the girl I saw was rather young and inexperienced…but I wanted to know…is it possible to have lots of really fine hairs removed from the entire face? Has anyone had it done? And what would be the best method and machine(s).
Also, I was warned by a laser and cosmetic doctor that I would most definately scar with electro because I have dark skin and scars from acne. Can anyone comment on this. I am nervous to get cheated out of my money again (like I did after 20 sessions of laser) or worse scarred!
Thanks for your time and help.

Hi sol1.

Two comments about this:

  1. Yes, indeed, it is possible to remove fine hair with electrolysis. Electrolysis can remove any size of hair, any color of hair on any skin color,permanently.

  2. In order to do this for yourself, you must get several consultations. Pay attention to the practitioners that have quality magnification and up to date epilators (the device used to remove hair) and quality lighting. If one can see those tiny hairs well, they will be treated properly. Make sure the hairs slide out and you don’t feel liked you’re being plucked for every hair.

The ones that discourage you from getting these tiny hairs removed, probably don’t have confidence in their ability to remove hair this size because they can’t see them very well or they know this is tedious work that requires a lot of focus.

After you get a treatment, take note how your skin heals afterwards. For your added comfort, you might want to start off slowly until you’re pretty sure you are going to stick with a particular practitioner that delivers good treatments. I’m thinking, a 20 minute session once a week???

The best method? My opinion would be flash thermolysis for what you describe using gold probes. If you find someone with a computerized epilator that will find the perfect level of heat needed for that hair to slide out, I think you will be very happy.

There are many pathways and “recipes” to getting that hair out and all electrologists are different in the way they go about achieving results. I’m offering you one opinion based on past results, so I hope this was helpful for you.

As far as the laser physician’s remarks go, it is not a given that you will definitely scar if you have electrolysis. One just has to be very careful to give you a proper treatment with good equipment and consistently evaluate how your skin reacts. I do not agree with his/her statement.

Much luck to you, sol1


I am having the same thing done. My face is covered with very fine hair that is either blonde or light brown. On some areas it is coarse and dark but that only at the edges of my upper lip, around by eyebrows, and on my chin. I have been going twice a week or once a week for an hour to work on my face. I really started focusing on those areas (my cheeks and sideburns and stuff) around March after the bad areas were under control. It is definitely possible. I also have dark skin (I’m Arabic and Hispanic) and used to have VERY BAD ACNE. Now that I don’t have acne anymore, it basically stopped after I started electrolysis, the scars are fading. I get no scars from electrolysis whatsoever. My skin turns a little red for about 30 minutes and that’s it. I use witch hazel and neosporin cream for a few days after a treatment. Only once did I have a treatment that was too agressive which left some brown areas on my upper lip. They weren’t that dark but they are indeed almost totally faded now. I tried out 5 electrologists (one only for a consult) until I found this one. She uses Flash Thermolysis only. I am really happy with the results so I am sticking with her. She has over 20 years experience and has had electrolysis on her whole body. What work on herself she could do, she did. She also has very modern lights (I think they’re halogen, not sure), magnifying glasses, and a really up to date machine. Not to mention that she makes me feel very comfortable being she had the same problems with excess hair and has experienced electrolysis in much more painful times.

At any rate, I know how you feel. Even though the hair is light there is so much of it that it really bothers me. It is definitely possible to remove. What I would do is look for a really qualified electrolysis and go for some consults. Get sample treatments on a small area so that if your skin reacts badly you’ll know and it will just be a tiny area. I think it’s true that electrolysis isn’t for everyone but if you have a good electrologists they won’t damage your skin and they’ll be able to remove any hair. good luck!


Thank you both dfahey and Jessie. I really appreciate both of your advice. I think I have no choice but to get electrolysis as laser just gets rid of it for four weeks (very nicely I’ll admit) and then it ALL starts to grow back and is the same 10 wks later. Jessie, I was wondering how your face is doing? Are you getting other areas treated? What is your progress like and what machine are you using?
I know everyone is different, but we can still learn from other’s experiences. Thank you both for your help and support. I hope to be able to do the same for others when/if electrolysis works for me.
Also, I have a thread I started about home laser hair removal in the “feelings section.” I think its subject is “a possible solution.” I don’t know how you feel about lasers but give it a read if you care to. I don’t think anyone has responded, if you give it a read let me know what you think.
Good luck to you both, I’m sure we’ll chat again in the future.