Electrolysis for downy body hair

I have downy hair on my back I want to have removed. Following the advice of James I have been looking around for a electrolysis practioner in my area. I have somebody who looks promising: 20 years of practice and a professional looking website.

She uses BLEND-methode, which she claims to be faster and safer than traditional electrolysis. Is this claim true? The website also mentions that a disadvantage of BLEND is that is very slow, and you need to go a lot of times (over a period of 1,5 tot 3 years). Same question: is this a true claim?

And for an extra check: the website says that 'variable pulsed light ’ is the faster and more efficient than classic laser removal and IPL. True or not?

Blend is fine. It’s faster than galvanic, but much much slower than thermolysis (which is most common these days). That means it takes longer to treat each hair, and thus more time on the table, BUT it shouldn’t mean that it takes a longer length of time overall. Any form of electrolysis should take you anywhere from 9 months to a year and a half or so (give or take) if you are getting cleared each visit. The reason it takes a year is because of hair cycles (can’t treat the next group of hairs until they grow in, and it takes a full year for your body to cycle through all of it’s hair). It has nothing to do with using thermolysis vs blend vs galvanic really. The difference is that galvanic/blend will take you more hours over the course of that year.

She is incorrect about laser. Laser is always superior to IPL and VPL. None of these methods are appropriate unless hair is very coarse and dark.

Blend is ok, but it’d be best if you could find someone using thermolysis (and even better the faster type of it called microflash or picoflash). Try looking for someone using an Apilus machine. Call around and ask what they use.

Electrolysis takes about 12 months AFTER your first clearance (all hair in the area you want removed). This requires that you start with aggressive long treatments up front to get to that clearance. After that, you come in as soon as new hair pops up to kill it while it’s weak. That would be around once every 2-3 weeks for about 12 months. By the end, it may be once every 3-4 weeks.

For treating a lot of thin hair, MicroFlash or PicoFlash thermolysis would be just awesome. More and more electrologists are coming on board with these newer flash methods that deliver just punch that is needed for thin hair or hair of any structure, for that matter. Don’t expect instant gratification - this is a process that requires you knowing so before you start your hair removal journey. Ask the electrologist that you are interested in, if she can do flash thermolysis as well. Refer her to this website if she has any doubts or questions. Principle number one is: People want the hair off fast and they don’t want it to hurt very much. Just so you know, this is highly possible to do, but a little impossible to convince all electrologists to bring it up with better tools and training.

Ok, thanks this has really been helpful. I should look for thermolysis then. I’ll keep you posted and perhaps ask some more questions.

Information from us requires information from you! That is what we call the “real thank you’s”. So we can pass on the names of the great electrologists around the world, we would appreciate it if you could help the hairy that read this board in your locale by telling others of your great experience. Ask your practitioner for permission first. If she/he shy’s away from a public posting, then invite others to private message you for information. People are desperate to know of good electrologist’s in their area or slightly beyond. Let’s pay forward as we go onward!

Will do! Not I sure if I’m going to go through with it though, have to think it through.