Electrolysis for 5 years and scarring..

I have been getting electrolysis for the last 5 years (since 2006). I have a great electrologist however I have a hormonal disorder, mild case of PCOS so my body keeps producing hair. My thin hair have gone, I keep getting thick hair

Lately, in 2011, i have been noticing that my skin has scarred i.e. I see small dark spots & small bumps on my upperlip and sides of chin & neck area

Could someone please let me know how to get rid of the scarring & bumps? Any topical cream? or the only way is to stop electrolysis and go back to plucking & tweazing?

How often do you get treatments? Even if you have a slight hormonal disorder, you shouldn’t need to go regularly for that long. You would go regularly for 12-18 months and then just go in for a touchup maybe 2-3 times a year or even less often than that.

You can stop treatments and shave instead until the skin heals. It’s important not to aggravate the skin more by having more treatments on an area that has side effects.

I get treatments every 3 weeks, there is enough hair for approx 30 min session. I do plan to stop and am planning to take birth control pills. My gynac said that the hair growth should reduce in 2-3 months since the hormones will be in control

I will stop my eletrolysis and continue shaving. However till then, is there anything I can do to get rid of the scars?

Also, another question. Is there a special fine tip razor as I need to shave a few hair here and there unlike a mans beard and dont want to shave off the fine hair to avoid the fine hair becoming thick

I would stop treatments, shave, and use tea tree oil and see how things go. Everything often resolves once you stop touching the skin.

You can always clip the hair as well.

Shaving doesn’t make the hair thicker. It can look pricklier, but you won’t have that issue if you shave all the time.

Ok, good to know it resolves itself, I will apply tea tree oil as you recommend. How long does it take to resolve? Few months or years?

I would give it several months and reassess. Take before photos so you can compare later.

Great suggestion, thanks. I will also post a picture here in the next few days to get an opinion