Electrolysis (face clearing) in Dallas Ft. Worth Texas

I am looking for recommendations in the Dallas area. Second to that, I am looking for information on how I can discern who will be the best value for efficiency (cost per hairs permanently removed).

I have searched the forums here and read many of James’ posts and understand that hourly rate is not a good measure.

I have light fair (pale) skin and mixed blonde hair. My facial hair is also mixed but there is enough dark hair in my chin area to now create a light blue shadow even on close shave.

I had about 30 hours (at ~$50 an hour) of I believe blend from an eastern european woman in Arlington at a salon that is no longer in business. This was around five years ago and I can still see where my chin is more pink in the front from where she had worked more heavily. However, it always felt as though her kill rate was not very good. This was distressing because I saw how well she did with other patients and could tell she was somewhat frustrated with me. I’m not sure if my hairs were just deeper or stronger because I had far less hair beginning that people she had good results with–however, they had already begun estrogen treatment or were female phenotypes (there’s just not a politically correct way to differentiate is there). From reading James’ posts, I wondered if this was a delay issue due to the depth of the hair follicles.

From my perspective, it seemed more like the actual kills had a different tactile feel as she pulled the root through the skin. I’m sorry if this is inaccurate terminology but it seemed that way and she sometimes showed me the almost bloody black bulb. However, most of the time this didn’t occur and it seemed like we were only hoping to weaken them for next time.

Any help or suggestions appreciated. I live very near Electrology 2000 but they keep banker’s hours and I are booked far in advance. I’d like to do something sooner.

You should go to Electrology 2000. Hands down the top choice for transwomen in DFW.



Electrology 2000 is the best in DFW. Be leery of anyone claiming they worked for Electrology 2000 because the ones that are no longer working there are gone for a reason. As far as hours they are open from 9-6 mon-Wed. and 9-4 thur&Fri. as far as booking an appt. They are booking in January and Feb. it is usually pretty easy to get in if you are local. Hands down Electrolgy 2000 is the way to go.