Electrolysis doubt

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Just did electrolysis today in my upper lip and chin with a new technician. I liked her a lot. My only ‘problem’ is that she insert the needle in the same hair at least 3 times and only after that she pushed with the tweezer. Before, with others technicians they never did that. They just insert the needle once in the same hair and that’s it. Just wondering if it’s supposed to be like that, or if there is any special reason.

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Some electrologists practice a thermolysis technique that has multiple insertions as a way to insure permenance. In one technique there is one insertion straight down, and two insertions that make an X, while in another the practitioner makes treatment bursts centered on different areas of the follicle depth.

I hope that consumers will not think that all multiple insertions will be in the form that James described. While there are several good techniques that utilize multiple insertions in one follicle, I strongly believe that inserting to apply current in an “x” around or in the follicle is a very poor technique that could result in damage to the skin.

Regarding the original post, the author asked about three insertions and a “push” with the tweezers. I’m very curious as to what a “push” with tweezers is. One thing I wonder is that the electrologist may be treating three different hair follicles, then removing those three hairs (with the tweezers). This technique is used to save the electrologist from excess wrist action. While it might “feel” like the electrologist inserted in each follicle 3 times, the client usually cannot tell “exactly” where the electrologist inserted. I guess one way to know would be to ask.

I’m curious, too, how your skin reacted after the treatment. Was there more redness, swelling or any irritation that lasted more than a few hours? On the upper lip, you want as little irritation as possible. We have two goals with hair removal - no more hair and great looking skin.

Anyone who actually reads and understands what I said would understand that I was not saying that ALL treatments would be performed in any way. I only mentioned two of the possible multiple insertion techniques. I articulated the “one straight and two across” because of the fact that it is one that would be most contriversial. It is, none the less, a frequently utilized technique and is taught in some schools as one of many treatment techniques.

But as one electrologist on this board already corrected me, when I say SOME she translates that to mean ALL. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

I also did not endorse it. I only described it. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crazy.gif" alt="" />

I read “some”. My concern was that since that technique was the only one mentioned, a consumer or a new electrologist might read that post and think it was a viable technique. No where in your post did I read that you did not endorse that particular technique, nor did you address other techniques that might answer what she described.

Another subject that could be addressed on this message board is the fact that the education for electrologists is not standardized, and that there are some very poor electrologists out there. I believe that the reason stems from two things - poor training and the fact that some electrologists do not do everything they can to become better at what they do. Poor training can be overcome by the desire to be better. Lack of desire to be better is a sad and unfortunate thing altogether. The fact that an “x” insertion may be taught in a school of electrology is appalling.

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After the treatment my skin was no more redness than the usual, or swalling or anything else unusuall. Anyway, next time i’ll ask her if this is that ‘X’ technique or if she’s just inserting the needle in 3 different hairs. I’ll let u posted.

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must be!! your skin will not be irritated like before.
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Barbara, you know that I love you, but please! I pointed out two examples in the post.

Anyone who reads the forum will find the information you discussed as well.

If you want to take over repeating things that are all over the board for those who won’t look to find them. Thank you for your support. I have tired of that task.

Perhaps you are being over sensitive. I found your and Barbara’s posts interesting. And I found them both to be worthwhile considerations. You were both clear, consice and to the point. I like that!

I had never heard of the x thing. It might be what she is doing but I hope not. I would have never thought of posting what Barbara posted, yet it is exactly what I do. Treat seveal hairs remove all. I too am curious about the pushing.Is this just a bad habit or is it the only words she could come up with to describe a sensation she only feels and doesn’t see. It may or may not be an issue at all.

Isn’t that the purpose of the site anyway? Two heads are better then one. Posting is only dangerous when one starts talking in absolutes. We are only getting one side.

Best advice given yet–ask the person doing it. And will you let us know what she said?
Barbara wasn’t contridicting you; she was supplimenting you.

Another reason I reinsert–some hairs are thicker then adjacent hairs. I use to reinsert quite frequently with my old epilator when a hair was coarse and shallow. This helped illiminate surface damage. I never have to do the reinsert any more.

Three possible situations. Let us know what your electrologist tells you. I always got asked what was going on when I do the method Barb described and I have been asked why I reinsert. It is okay.