electrolysis costs

I am just looking into getting professional electrolysis done. How much does thie typically cost for upper lip and arms? I have no clue! And does it really go away forever? I’ve heard that it comes back after some time.
Thank you!

No one can tell you how much it will cost, or how long it will take you because there are too many variables to make that call without seeing you, knowing the skill of the practitioner you will be seeing, what machine you will be working with, and how frequent your visits and how deligent your pretreatment and personal aftercare will be.

The best I can answer your question is:

The number of hairs you have in the area you want treated must be taken into consideration to the speed your electrologist can work on you (part of which is the fastest speed the electrologist can work, the other is how fast you can tolerate the work being done) How your skin reacts to treatment with the machine the practioner is utilizing, and finally, how frequent and how long your visits are.

Now do you see why no one ever wants to talk price?

Even if everything else is in place, if you don’t show up on schedule, we can get nothing done in a short amount of time.