electrolysis cost

How much would you estimate removal of hair on both upper arms would cost for a man with medium amount of hair? Is it going to be to expensive for the average income? Thanks

It all depends on how much hair you have and who is doing the work. What ever the first clearance costs, you will be paying less for the additional clearances from there. Where are you located?

See my diary for cost information and pictures. I think I had a lot of hair. A quick re-check of my data log shows that, for my right shoulder only (about halfway between my elbow and shoulder to the neckline, clavicle, and a little bit on the high part of the chest (all areas I consider my shoulder) shows I had 41 hours of electrolysis at a cost of $1660. It’s quite tolerable now.

Thanks for responding I live in Virginia Beach, Va.

What a great price for successful work! It is not easy to find $40/hr for electrolysis that is effective - congrats…

Anyone who is doing major quantity work should be able to negotiate a better rate. My pro said she gave me the man rate, since she found that men rarely missed appointments and we could be pushed off if we needed to. I was the filler in her schedule, but it was fine. I wish I could still be getting treated. RIP