Electrolysis Burn?


I’m having trouble finding any similar reactions to electrolysis on the internet and I’m concerned I was over treated.

I had galvanic done on my neck in 2019 but once covid hit I had to stop since the studio closed.

I just started up again at a new studio last night and they used thermolysis.

My concern is that I have all these white dots that haven’t gone away even after 24 hours and I never had this before / I’m not seeing anywhere that this is normal. They were there immediately after treatment and don’t seem to be pustules or anything, just white skin.

This is an expensive studio and unfortunately I purchased a large package so I’m confused how they would’ve messed it up.


These are post-treatment blisters. “Big Time” over-treatment. Go back to the “studio” and present yourself ASAP! Were this me … I would just walk in (no appointment).


Thanks for the response.

Guess I will start the process of demanding all the money back that I put down.

Is there anything I should be doing to help this heal?


Keep the area cool and clean. dont add any extra soaps if possible in fact dont put anything on it that doesnt need to be there Gentle cold water facecloth patting only do not scrub or itrritate the skin further. Just keep it clean and contaminant free.

thanks, super helpful advice!

Haven’t heard back from the studio yet unfortunately but I’m assuming I should probably go elsewhere?

I would. Actually if I look about center of the neck in your photo , about an inch up from the bottom of the treated area , I can see where a column of desicated flesh was ripped out of the skin along with the probe. Looks like what it is, a hole … I’d say it’s likely that will leave a mark. No Boeno!

Yes, Seana, I see it too … but didn’t want to overly alarm the client. I only have one comment: WTF!

An additional question for the client: did you have local anesthetic for this procedure?

No anesthetic or numbing cream - they did 2 hours on that one area. It was definitely painful but I remember it being painful when I did it a couple years back so I just assumed it was part of the process

Well the good news is that the owner of the salon was very kind about it and admitted that it was done incorrectly and gave me all my money back.

So, on to the next. Thank you again for your input!

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sorry should’ve put this in my previous note but she told me on the phone to put neosporin on it but I had read elsewhere not to do that so I’m a little confused

Should I just stick with cool towels or should I add neosporin for a bit

thanks again!

I don’t like Neosporin. About 8-10% are allergic to the neomycin part. I think cold-pressed 100% or 99% aloe vera gel straight from the refrigerator is very soothing and healing. It will heal fine.

What a sigh of a process, 4 days later and still dealing with some notable swelling under my chin

(photos from untreated side before and after)

(photo from treated side - can barely see top of Adam’s apple anymore)

Actually, I’m going to say that the work done on the neck is much better than what you showed from the back of the neck previously. I do a lot of transgender beard removals, and it does take significant amounts of thermolysis energy to destroy those course dark neck beard hairs. Those hairs on the back of your neck will be considerably smaller and not nearly as deep. Some swelling and skin reaction on the front neck is largely expected, this is what it takes to destroy these hairs.I wouldn’t have a lot of concern for what I see on the front of your neck whatsoever.

To put this in perspective, to look at the nape pictures you showed first my reaction was along the lines of " Bad hair cop! No Donut! " seeing the front side, it’s more like “meh here take your damn donut” . Also Kudos to your electrologist for being up front about their treatment that didnt cut the mustard.

I would have not removed all the hairs in “one go” … however, I see nothing in these photos that would cause any worry. Facial swelling is far more noticeable … but this will resolve completely. I think the line is just about perfect. Overall: good work, indeed.

Well Michael, you may not like how I’m doing most of my beard removals these days then. I start from the top of the beard line, and work my way down to the bottom of the neck, systematically. I DO however start by thinning the chin . I’m also keep the clients from shaving waxing and threading to present all the hair available to be removed. I do however thin on the chin and sides of the mouth and come at those areas a week or two later to finish the job. I’ve done it through the thinning route most of the years I operate, but I do note that I get more thorough clearances with a clear and advance strategy. Most clearances are done over several months in 1 hour chunks, but I’ve even had a few who I’ve done full clearances in a s little as within a 2 week period start to finish. ( that client flys in on the regular every couple months from The czech republic) . I’ve had perfect results .

Sounds perfect …

thanks again for all your thoughts here! still healing but figured I’d call out that my original photo was actually the front of my neck - nothing was done on the back of my neck it was just the right side of the front of my neck