Electrolysis Atlanta...should I be worried

Hello all!

I hope that you are able to help me with a few questions I have concerning interviewing an electrolysist in atlanta.
I am interested in having a complete bikini done having changed my mind (based on this conference) on having laser performed. I went to a consultation today and I don’t know what to think of some of the information I received.

I was told:

  1. She would not do complete clearance of the area in a session, but prefers to work patch by patch. Was I silly to think that she would tackle more of the area at a time?

  2. She uses the galvanic method based on what she feels to be its superior efficacy, but explained that she would not begin with hour long sessions instead chosing to do a month of 1/2 hour sessions slowing working our way up in both time and current?

  3. She was express in recommending a 7 percent lidocaine cream from a particular pharmacy (out of state) asking me if I knew a doctor who would write the prescription for me so that it might be shipped in atlanta.

  4. Finally, she told me that I should expect to be finished with treatment (once a week) in two years! Is this an excessive amount of time. Does any of this sound fishy to any one else

Thanks for all your help in advance,

Since galvanic electrolysis needs 1 to 15 minutes to treat a single hair it is simply not possible to treat an entire bikini line to bare in one session. One could not do it in one day if you took 24 hours to do it. Even with a 32 probe double curtain multi-needle setup, one could not clear a person’s entire bikini line in 24 hours in Galvanic.

The 30 minute beginning is for both your benefits. You don’t get burned out too quickly, and she gets to find the nuances of working on your skin. You could do more frequent appointments to get along faster, in a shorter time frame.

Most people getting Bikini work done want something to numb the area. As you will find on www.HairFacts.com different people get different results from identical use of the same products. You may need to try a few things before you find what works best for you. I am sure she has recommended this product to you because she has had good results with it before on most people, and the company she is recommending has a good track record for delivery.

The time frame she has given you is acceptable for Straight Galvanic work. I suggest that if you want faster results, you get other consultations with Blend operators in your area. For shortest time to visual clearance of the entire area, find a good thermolysis practitioner.

Electrolysis is a game of compromise. Either you value speed over instant efficacy, or your value first time effectiveness over amount of area that can be covered in a treatment.

Get your priorities clear in your mind, and you will know what you are most interested in finding in the electrologists that you interview for the job of clearing your bikini line.

I do most bikini work in blend for effectiveness with least visable side effects while having comfort for the client, and an acceptable clearance per session. For others, we do thermolysis because they have decided that the shorter treatment time per hair suits their goals and or comfort levels, while they are willing to risk short term pigmentation that can happen with such moist skin post treatment. In return they get full visual clearance in a very short time.

Now go get some more consultations so you can see what is available to you, and see what works best for your goals.