Electrolysis around mole

Hi everyone, I hope you’re doing well.
It has been a 1 year and a half since I started having electrolysis done on my sideburns and neck. Recently, I decided to commit in doing electrolysis on a few hairs around one mole I have on my right cheek.
Last week, I had electrolysis done and my electrologist told me she wouldn’t do electrolysis on the two hairs that were really close to the mole, since it can be dangerous.
On the same day of my sessions, I always take pictures to see the progress. I quickly took a picture of the hairs, so I apologise for the bad picture’s quality but I think you can understand what I’m talking about.
I would like to ask you if you would do electrolysis on the two hairs that are the closest to the mole or you would do exactly the same thing as my electrologist did, by prefering to not touch it and simply pluck it.
Thank you so much for reading my question.

I would proceed without concern, however the electrologist’s insurance might not permit them to work on or near molds without a physician’s consent.

Hairadicator has given you the best possible answer. I too would have no problem with these, but particularly in the UK, some are more reluctant. Also , if a mole has changed in size or shape, or is new, it should be avoided without medical consent, because of the possibliity of masking the existence of a cancerous growth.If it’s a mole that you have always had, and hasnt changed in size or shape, then it’s perfectly fine to procede with the removal.

I would need a Doctors note to treat these hairs but would be happy to treat them with written consent. (UK Insurance)

When I treat hair grow from moles, red cherry spot, hyperpigmented areas such as birthmarks, brown or red dots, I’ll ask my clients to hv their skin check firsts to ensure they r not cancerous cells ( also there might b risk of turning into cancer in the future if not now, but not always just possible risk) Then these r areas I’ll treat the very last minute before the needle is discarded to minimise the risk of spreading these cells to other areas.

Hi Cristiana,
It really depends on what country you are in and what the practitioner is permitted to treat under the laws there.
In the UK , it depends on the level of qualification of the electrologist and their insurance cover as well. My level of qualification and insurance allow me to treat these hairs, but there are colleagues at the same level whose insurance would not allow them to treat these hairs.

Hi, thank you so much for all of your replies. I really appreciate it!
I will definitely take into consideration all of the helpful information you gave me and be more cautious about having electrolysis done close to that area.
I’ve had it and a few more on my cheeks since a really young age (probably age 3 or 4), but I’m not exactly sure if it has changed in size. At least not that I’m aware of.

Anyways, thank you so much once again and in a few months, as soon as I complete 2 years of electrolysis, I will definitely post a before and after pictures. I still have a noticeable amount of hairs, but I think I can say I’ve had a good amount of reduction. Still, don’t want to jinx anything since the last time I was confident I was seeing good results, a few months later, I was unfortunate to have induced hair growth due to laser.
I’m aware electrolysis doesn’t have that risk, so I’m still hopeful I can have good results.