Electrolysis and Vaniqa

I was wondering if I have to stop using my Vaniqa (I’ve been using it for 3 years with good results) now that I’ve started electrolysis. Some people say it is important to stop using Vaniqa and others say it can help the process. Is there any research supporting either side?

why would you use it if you’re getting electrolysis done? wouldn’t you want the hair to come out to get it removed?

That was my thought, but some sources (dermadoctor.com, cosmeticscop.com) have said to continue using Vaniqa to enhance the benefits of the electrolysis.

Here is some information on Vaniqa from a supplement of Skin and Aging from May, 2005. Go to page 7 where they discuss two studies that deal with combining Vaniqa with laser with good outcome and patient satisfaction.

I suppose you could also include electrolysis with their conclusions, however, with electrolysis, you can treat all colors of hair and be selective of those you want to take out and those that can be left behind. With LASER, you can’t. If you stop using Vaniqa when you start electrolysis, no big deal, because electrolysis has that selective capability for all offending hair, dark, light, thick, thin,long, longer and a good electrologist can catch up pretty fast and get ahead of the problem to keep one looking “finished” even though they will not be finished for several months after that first treatment.



This is what I’ve done:: I was using Vaniqa and having electrolysis done - and the Vaniqa definitely slowed down the growth so the results were good (I was going once a week and the hairs were beginning to get finer), but I thought it might extend the length of time it will take until I’m ‘finished’ with electrolysis so I stopped the Vaniqa - the hair is much worse (I’m going twice a week now and the hairs are much coarser), but I feel like its the right thing to do - get the electrolysis over as quickly as possible.

I’m going to have acupuncture for the first time next week - the chinese doctor there says it will definitely help balance my hormones and he reckons he can sort out my hair and skin problems. If this has an effect I’ll start another thread… wish me luck!!! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

Thanks everyone for the advice. I think I will stop using the Vaniqa for now.

Good Luck with the acupuncture - if it does anything for the hair and skin problems DO let us know!

Regarding the use of vaniqa: If it worked for you, then you have an enzyme in your skin that acts as a magnet for normal circulating hormones. The vaniqa neutralizes that enzyme.

While you will need to apply the vaniqa forever to reap the benefits, it would make sense to me (an electrologist) to continue applying it. It would result in less treatment time. When you get older and you then might decide to stop using the vaniqa, the hair you didn’t grow won’t work extra to catch up…