Electrolysis and tattoos?


I was wondering about hair removal where there is or going to be a tattoo. Some one told me that you could not do electroysis within a tattoo. Is that true. I will be getting another one and want to know if I remove the hair after the tattoo is finished.


Electrolysis and laser can change the color of an existing tattoo. In fact, certain lasers can change some pigments of tattoos into completely different colors. This is especially true of certain pinks and reds, which can turn dark black when hit with a laser. A couple of women with permanent lip liner learned this one the hard way.

You can certainly get electrolysis or laser in an area before getting a tattoo. In fact, many people get tattoos over scars, so it’s not an issue that the pigment won’t take or anything. You probably shouldn’t get a tattoo until you are done with laser or electrolysis, but there’s nothing stopping you from doing both. I’d get the hair removed first, though.

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My boy friend was wondering if a one touch could be used on hair in an exsisting tattoo? I have heard of the laser making changes in them.


i’ve removed hair from within my tattoo, it kills the color in the area u inserted the needle… just a little round scar… but it doesn’t alter the entire tattoo