Electrolysis and Sebum

What effect (if any) does electrolysis have on the sebaceous glands of the follicle being treated? They are attached higher than the papilla but with some forms of electrolysis the energy is directed along the length of the follicle in addition to the papilla (like when the follicle fills with lye during galvanic, or maybe even synchro on the Apilus).

I ask because I wonder if treatment of facial hairs or outer nose hairs ever slightly reduces the greasiness of the client.

That would be a wonderful side effect, don’t you think?

These follicles are called sebaceous follicles because the glands have a much larger than the hair follicle that produces this.
So I doubt that a small lesion in these follicles can prevent the formation of abundant sebum.
But yes, Magical, that would be wonderful!!

I have no scientific proof of this, but have nearly 30 years of anecdotal “evidence” - yes - electrolysis can reduce the amount of oil produced, which makes me believe that the size of the sebaceous glands is reduced as a side effect of treatment.

Isn’t axilla hair removal recommended to reduce sweating for those who sweat profusely? …and sweat glands are not even attached to hair follicles as sebaceous glands are!!!

Barbara, in the course of my career, many of my clients have said to feel that their underarm sweat had decreased.
Neither do I have evidence to substantiate this impression, but the similarities do suspect that there may be a substantial reduction.

On the other hand, I also observed a normalization of the secretion of sebum, but this happened in the follicles deep cheeks and chin, not in sebaceous follicles. I have no certainty that the cause of this normalization is the Electrolysis or a natural process due to the time elapsed.

What I can say with certainty is that each pore dilated before Electrolysis, closes irreversibly time after being successfully treated.

I too have had the same reports from clients, friends and family.

PS Sudoriferous Glands, or sweet glands, in addition to sebaceous glands, were always depicted as connecting to the follicle in all my text books. :wink:

Dilated pores get smaller and there is some anecdotal evidence to suggest there may be less sebum?

I am seriously considering having some pores in my t-zone treated just for potential benefits (not for killing hair). It can’t HURT anything right? Worst case scenario it just doesn’t work. Is this ridiculous or worth a try?

I could report back and be a little guinea pig… We may be on to something big here. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have had fantastic results ,treating the type of pores that regularly fill up with sebum ,to form a type of small pustule and occur away from the T zone, for example on the neck and sides of the face. This is definetly worth trying a test patch, but I imagine that it could take several sessions, to see a reduction in pore size, if indeed it does end up being effective.

If electrolysis can reduce sebum on the face and under the arms, could electrolysis then also be used to help alleviate the production of sebaceous cysts?

The Electrolysis can do something better, Vickie.

With appropriate parameters we can get off the (transparente) capsule containing the sebum and is strongly attached to the walls of the follicles.
For it, is convenient to use a high amount of galvanic current (Electrolysis) with a low intensity alternating current (thermolysis). The lye causes the capsule to break off easily and with a little extra help from our hands (drainage done with steril gauze and gloves) jumps out.
The only precaution we must have, is to ensure that the capsule is empty of sebum.

This little operation will prevent the surgeon has to intervene. Usually the surgeon makes an incision in the skin and subsequent scraping the follicular walls. Moreover, the chances that a portion of capsule remains is very high. In this case, the capsule would repair itself and the cyst would reappear. Another drawback of this type of surgery clinic is the ugly scar left on the skin.

The capsule treated with Electrolysis is not broken (comes out intact).

Interesting. If I could find someone here who could do that, I would jump at the chance to have that done! I have been looking for a solution for sebaceous cysts for a long time.

I’ve been wondering about this too for a long time as I have huge pores on my nose that I wish I could shrink. But I’m not sure anymore that electrolysis has helped the pores on the areas that I have treated.