Electrolysis and razor burn

Hello all,

I’ve had a patch of razor burn on my neck for about five years. The problem is that the hair grows in all directions on that part of my neck, so shaving in any direction causes irritation. I’ve tried everything to fix it and nothing works. The burn is less than an inch above where hair growth stops, so I’m thinking of simply having the ‘hair line’ raised.

I’m quite pale and my hair is black and coarse. The skin is quite raw after a shave, but a day later will usually just appear discoloured. Is using electrolysis to stop razor burn a good idea? Are there any potential side effects from using it on already damaged skin?

Also, the cost. I know this varies, but how much would you expect to pay for work on an area less than an inch in length from one side of your neck to the other?


Electrolysis is the best solution for this problem.

It will be able to remove the offending hairs in a short time, and while you work towards a permanent line, you will not have the pain, and marking that your current situation creates.

You could need as littel as $60 to start, but no more than $200. After that, you will have shorter appointments spread out every 4 to 12 weeks, until you are finished.

Please read around the site for information on things like the first clearance, hair growth cycles, and such.

I’m not an expert, but I suspect you might find razor burn could pose a bit of a problem - I’m guessing your folicles might be irritated and inflamed? That could make insertion difficult?

If your electrolysist finds that to be the case, you could try using an electric razor - one that cuts very well, but not too close. And use a good skin care regime - maybe use something with aloe vera to soothe and moisturise your neck.