electrolysis and microdermabrasion

Does anyone know if it is OK to have microdermabrasion done two days after electrolysis?

BAD IDEA. BAD IDEA! Let your skin have SOME time to heal!

Thank you James!

So, if I had electrolysis done on Thursday afternoon, I should be OK by Tuesday…right?

My skin is usually back to normal the day after electrolysis. I have never had microdermabrasion done though, so I’m a little concerned about mixing the two.

The rule of thumb is 72 hours for electrolysis treatments. However for working in the same exact area, one week is the safe zone.

You may be ok with only 5 days, but those who err on the side of caution would go 7 days after an electrolysis treatment.


I’ll see how my skin feels on monday and then I’ll take it from there.