Electrolysis and metal implants

Dear HairTell community,

I couldn’t find much information on this topic elsewhere, so I decided to post my question here.

Is the presence of metal implants in the body a counter-indication to electrolysis?

I have been getting electrolysis treatments for the past several months to remove hair around the areolas using the blend method. However, just recently I broke my arm and had to have a metal plate installed in order to help realign the bone (I haven’t had electrolysis since my accident).

Would I be able to continue having electrolysis (after full recovery, of course) despite the metal implant? Which one of the three modalities would be considered safe and why? I would be happy to hear from professionals and from people in my situation who have encountered the same problem.

Thank you for your input!

That will have no effect on any modality. No worries.

I have titanium in my forehead and I’ve had no problems. It’s a non-issue.

Thanks, guys! That’s very reassuring.

A small (uncritical but noticeable) electro chemical reaction might occur at amalgam fillings. Obviously only if there is galvanic current.

So in order to be definitely on the safe side use thermolysis.

Hello Beate,

Are you referring to dental fillings? Could you please clarify? Thanks.