Electrolysis and keratosis pilaris?

I have KP (keratosis pilaris) pretty much all over my body at the moment, inducing my face. Bad flare up in the recent month.

Will electrolysis be suitable for my skin? I intend to ask the practitioner (would I call her that? The person who will be performing electrolysis on me :)) but it is always good to get more opinions/experiences.

I’ve not been able to get much good info on it, really.

Absolutely …

A few years ago I treated a student from Switzerland with “KP.” His physician in Switzerland recommended electrolysis: remove the follicle and you remove the KP. (He had KP on sections of his back and chest.) YES, IT WORKED!

Amazingly, his Swiss insurance paid for the treatments!
(Switzerland is SO far ahead of us in dealing with their “medical system.” Of course, Americans think we can INVENT everything … so we continue to screw it up BIG TIME! We never look at what other countries are doing. AMERICAN EGO!)

Thanks for the answer! That’s encouraging to hear. I’m from the UK so I’m not too familiar with the American medical system.

It’s hard enough to get things done here, I can’t even imagine what America might be like.

It would be fantastic to get rid of the KP and not be scratching my face like a manic every summer.

This worked better than I thought it would. I took photos too (wonder where they are?)

The American medical system? ha ha ha … WHAT system?

I hope this does not “gross you out,” however, some researchers speculate that KP might be the result of the body’s reaction to the ubiquitous “Demonex mite.” Essentially, the skin is reacting against this revolting “bug” (that most of us have), and produces a “defensive keratin build-up.”

A savvy dermatologist, with experience in treating parasites, might have a more simple solution for you? Kill-off the mites, and that might solve the problem. (A lot of focus is on rosacea and the demonex.)

You can research “Demonex” yourself … but, not while you’re eating! I can’t look at these creatures without getting sick! I’m not a fan of bugs or parasites.

I confess, I really wish I did not know about this theory. I’m with you on parasites- even the word makes me itchy (although this is not really a sensible reaction.

I choose not to believe this. For my own sanity :stuck_out_tongue: