Electrolysis and Folliculitis/staph infection

I have been doing electrolysis on my upper arms. in one section it has completely inflamed with 8-10 small green pussy pimples. it is painful.

can electrolysis cause these infections or is my electrologist doing a terrible job? is this going to continue to occur? any remedies ?

This doesn’t usually happen, as related to electrolysis.

I am not a doctor, but I am curious to know if you have a history of MRSA? Do you have a fever? (You don’t have to answer those questions here if you don’t want to).

The best thing to do is consult with your healthcare specialist and your electrologist.

Electrolysis doesn’t cause green pustules to happen. Sometimes white pustules can occur due to over treatment or debris left in the treated follicle, but white pustules are very short-lived and harmless.

Make sure you see the electrologist open a new probe with every session. She should wash her hands, wear gloves, clean the area with antiseptic, not touch anything out of the zone of treatment, etc.

I’m not going to offer remedy advice other than the usual: wash with soap and water and seek medical advice.