Electrolysis and covid19


Is it ok to have electrolysis after having covid19? Do i require to wait 2 weeks after testing negative or can i just continue with my treatment straight away?

very much this is up to the electrologist, do what they ask you to. If it were me, I would prefer you stay home for 2 weeks but in different places this may vary. I’ve had one customer bring covid to my home already, and I’m not looking forward to a repeat.

Thank you for your reply.
Absolutely, i have to agree with you, if you test positive for covid19 you should stay away from others.

Im interested if post-covid19 is it a period of time where you should not be receiving electrolysis? When covid19 been an unknown thing ive heard you should wait awhile before continuing with the treatment, your skin might be too sensitive. Is it any truth to it, please?