Electrolysis and body piercings?

Ok, I did a search and did not see anything related to this question…

Can one still have electrology done with a body piercing? It is the thought of the electricity and the metal of the piercing that worries me among other things.

I realize this may be an unusual question, but I had to ask before I took the plunge.

Many thanks to you all


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Hi Gracie.

It is not a problem to do electrolysis if you have body piercings. If the blend method or straight galvanic electrolysis is used, you may experience a metallic taste in your mouth, but that is more of a nusiance rather than an indication that something bad is happening.

I worked on a client’s face today who has several piercings on her face. She does experience the taste thing, but says it’s not uncomfortable. You can remove the jewelry if it’s a problem. My client chose not to
remove her metal because the taste sensation was tolerable enough.

Yes of course, electricity is involved with the electrolysis process, however, the current used is not enough to intereact with the metal and thus create any problems.

Let us know how things go.



Many thanks for your reply. It was more of a question of curiosity. I am currently undergoing electrolysis and have been for six months and I never gave this question much thought. Now, I will be able to get my piercing!!!

BTW, I just want to say that this site is awesome and that the information given out here is superb and right on the money! It helped me get started and I am glad I found it.

All the best


Well, this sure is not a common question! I am currently getting cleared and actually plan to get pierced after having the hair removed. I prefer not to shave around it or remove it to shave and I also want to be hairless anyway…

I did not see a response as to whether the presence of a piercing would cause my practitioner any problem as she would have to work around it or have me remove it I suppose.

BTW, Does anyone know if piercings encourage ingrown hairs?

Never did receive any feedback on this, yet am still curious about practitioners’ experience with their pierced clients. Is it common? Any problems or special challenges to treatments? For clients, do you remove jewelry or is it best to just work around it? Thanks…

There is no problem with working on pierced clients, but due to potential energy spikes, it is a good idea to remove the jewelry, in the same way it is a good idea to remove a necklace while getting treatment done.

Recently, I had a client who had to remove a “Monroe” because a hair was growing from behind the jewelry.

This is a very old thread and this specific subject is still not showing up often – I must suppose it is not common or interesting to our readers. However, for completeness, I will provide a brief update. I have added several piercings since I now have no hair to worry about in the area. I still get touch-up work and am expanding my clearance as well. Upon first getting my genital jewelry, I warned my electrologist before my appointment; she was surprised, interested and asked questions. She worked around them with no particular concern or apprehension and has not had any problem doing so. Still, she did say that I am her one and only client (M or F) with jewelry below the belt; my waxer has said the same. This did surprise me since I thought it more common, especially among those of us who bare their parts for such work :wink: In summary, no problems here and happy to have smooth skin with a few extra holes for my metal!


and that’s all I have to say about that.

Not that this matters whatsoever, but, well, I sure did have a reaction when confronted by piercings in the “schnookum.”

I had finished-up that area on a male client and he came back for a couple hairs I missed. He had this “thing” right in the Schnitzel itself. I almost fainted, had to lie down for a minute, cover the thing and “not look.”

Same thing with a woman. I did her “full Monty,” and then this “ring thing” emerged from hiding. Once again, I almost “went down!” Nicely, she removed it for me.

I don’t have to “understand” this practice and it’s none of my business. If you’re happy, that’s all that matters.

It just that it makes me FAINT! I might have been okay had the client warned me? And, besides, sometimes it’s fun to faint; it’s so relaxing afterward!

What the hell is a “Monroe?” Never mind, I don’t want to know!

Off center lip piercing.

@Bono, you’re always fun to read and this post is no exception; frankly, I thought that “y’all who treat genitals” would not be surprised by a passion for piercing as well as smoothness. But, the reality is that the two groups do not have much overlap - I did surprise my waxer, electrologist and doctor even though I thought each of them would have “seen it all”. So, for reference, those clients who straddle both worlds (of hair-free metal), do gently “warn/advise” your wonderful & patient electro that you have hidden (or new) metal bits before they have to find them on their own! I personally have not been asked to remove my jewelry (lucky me), but I wouldn’t be surprised (now) that such a request is very possible and reasonable.