Electrolysis and ageing skin


Hi there,
I am considering electrolysis on my upper lip and came across this information and was wondering if anyone could tell me a bit more about why this might happen and what to look out for. For instance could this happen from one case of over treatment or a specific modality?
Sorry for all the questions I’m very new to this and have followed on here for some time so wanted to ask the experts!!

So right off the bat I see, "Years ago I had numerous electrolysis sessions on my face. This resulted in skin damage i.e deep wrinkles and uneven skin texture around my mouth. One doctor said deep resurfacing could not be done after electrolysis because the hair follicles needed for skin healing have been destroyed. A local doctor suggested an erbium micro peel for my whole face with a heavier CO2 fractional treatment around my mouth. Will this be enough, or would it be safe to try for the total erbium skin resurfacing?bat, this is what I saw: "

Please listen to me and believe me. I see skin like this all the time BEFORE I even start working on the client. I take lots of before pictures of new clients to document what the skin looks like because skin does have aging characteristics like the photo in the link that have never been touched with electrolysis. Don’t want to get blamed for something I didn’t do.

How does that person know for sure that her damaged skin was caused by electrolysis YEARS ago. Has the skin been repeatedly sun damaged? Was she a smoker? Did she have years of poor diet habits? Are the wrinkles on her upper lip genetically induced? Many things damage the skin over one’s life span and to say this mess is caused by electrolysis years ago is a very unscientific, thus uninformed, conclusion by both the doctor and the patient.

Links like that need to be examined with a crooked eye. This is why we get all these fearful questions here on HairTell. We try our best to educate consumers about other causes of skin damage that they would do well to consider before they blame electrolysis for every flaw in one’s skin.

To answer your last question, it is not likely that what I’m seeing in the photo could happen from ONE case of over treatment or from a specific modality, when performed by a certified, well trained electrologist.

Hi Deedra,

Thank you so much for such a detailed and informative reply. Reading that article has definitely done as you said in that I’ve got the fear a little now!
I am based in the UK and have seen 2 BIAE qualified electrolysists the first I feel has marked my skin and I think now I’m very worried that the marks won’t heal or worse could result in accelerated ageing. That said Google is a dangerous place when you have these worries so I wanted to ask you guys as I follow this forum avidly and your combined experience is very comforting.
Would it be possible to share my photos to get your opinion on the markings I have at the moment? Apologies also if I posted this twice it’s my first time posting so may have messed it up!
Thanks again for your reply

You are doing fine with your post here.

We love to see quality pictures, so send them if you wish. We will try our best to give you our honest opinion.

This was done about two months ago and is how it looks currently. There are little holes where it was treated, after treatment it was very swollen for a number of days and showed as red dots then

This is the other side done in the same session, this side is worse as there is line of them.

Any advice on healing or what this might lead to would be very much appreciated. I’m really worried it’s over treatment and will either stay as it is or cause wrinkles to come, or both :frowning:
Thanks again for looking at these!

I see nothing to be concerned about.

Thanks Deedra, have you seen similar marks before? Do you know how long they might take to heal has been around two months which seems quite long to have these.
Many thanks

Angiogenesis and normal wound contraction. Check out the 4 videos on my channel that explain how the skin heals. As Dee says, nothing to be concerned about. “Go thee forth with great joy and happiness!” (don’t know if that’s in the Bible, but sounds like it?)

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I’ve been staying out of this oone because it’s been a busy end to my week but just want to say that I think of Course Mike and Dee are spot on. Absolutely not a thing to worry about. This will heal with no trace, what you are seeing is normal skin healing. I also want to say that your photos are very good! I wish all the photos that we get here were as clear and detailed. I was able to zoom in very close, Give the skin time to bridge he dead space and continue it’s healing process. Thats what you are seeing, capillary loops under a thin epidermal layer that appear as red or darkened dots. These will slowly resolve and there will be no trace.

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Thanks everyone for your replies I really appreciate your feedback on this. I’ll let them be a bit and hopefully they will return to normal soon