Electrolysis: am I where I should be?

Hello all!
I started electrolysis on my face May 2011 (I am a female). I have been going weekly for 1-2 hours with a well reviewed electrologist using the blend method.(I also visited others before deciding on her). I notice some improvement with thicker hairs but definitely still see finer hairs coming in. My questions are:

  1. I do not get full clearance each session. Is this something I should be insisting on? I have offered to come in for longer sessions and the electrologist is stating it’s not necessary.
  2. At this point, should I still go in weekly, or can I space out treatments a little bit more (I am okay with shaving in between?).

Thanks for your time.

I would love to see a quality picture. My strategy is to clear ALL the bothersome hair ASAP and generally, I can do this in one to three long treatments. After that first, full clearance, I like to see the client every three to four weeks for the next 9-12 months. After that, the client is 90-95% finished and from month 12 to month 18, I see the client every 6-8 weeks for the scattered few hairs that are left. I accomplish this with PicoFlash thermolysis. Sometimes I choose to use Synchro or MultiPlex thermolysis. If my only choice was to use Blend electrolysis, I would still get you permanent hair removal, but you would be on my table for longer periods of time. You have been going at this for three months. Be patient and remind yourself it takes a good 9-18 months no matter what modality of electrolysis used. I find distinct advantages with thermolysis modes that I choose to use.

You treatment progress is dependent on several factors. Density of hair and how you were treating hair prior to starting electrolysis, ie if you were tweezing or waxing it may take 8-12 weeks before treatment can be spaced out. The aim is to get the first clearing as quickly as possible maybe your electrologist is taking you skin reaction into consideration. Otherwise I would up your treatment to get the full clearing. It will probably be another 4 weeks before you start to see a real difference. Shaving is fine between treatments.

It is early days for you yet, and the fact that you can see a small improvement is great. This process is quite a patience lesson in itself, but in perhaps another 3 months, you will notice a much bigger improvement. It takes about 9 months to treat every single hair once, and after that you will have no doubt that you are on the right track. Do, keep us updated.

Thank you everyone for the great information and the timelines. I will try to be more patient!

She may be taking my skin reaction into account–I do have sensitive skin (acne prone). I have had laser hair removal on my face in the past but no waxing or tweezing.

I am going to ask her next time if I can up the treatment time to get to full clearing (in other words, I should ask her to treat every visible hair, correct?).

Thanks again!