Electrolysis Aftercare

Hey everyone,
Can someone (preferably an electrolysis or someone who knows a lot of it/has had it) answer me please? After (a day or so) my electolysis treatment, I have small white puss balls in that area, sometimes more than others. Also it’s been four-five days after my treatment and It has been itching constantly, I can’t help but to quickly, slighty rub it. In addition, my skin is full of red colored acne…feels bumpy too. I keep picking at the pimples and I think I may be scarring my face. What I should I do? I know I should atop picking and popping my pimples. ANy suggestions? Is it alright to have these type ot effects from electrology? Thank you whoever take the time to read and answer this!

This is why you put Tea Tree Oil on at night if not right after your treatment. The Tea Trea Oil dissolves any particles in the follicles, thus keeping your immune system from having to kick in and make the puss balls you speak of. During the day, you should use Aloe Vera Gel, or straight aloe vera. It soothes, cools, and heals the skin.

The Aloe Cortisone can be used all day as well. It keeps you from itching, and if feel itchy, it gives you something to rub on the skin that will sooth it, and keep you from scratching it. It will also help keep you from rubbing dirt and bacteria into the skin, because even if you are not washing your hands as much as you should, you would be rubbing more cortisone on than bacteria as you would not be grinding your hands and fingernails into the area with nothing between them and the effected skin.

Of course, one should keep the treated area clean and dry after treatment, and use of makeup should be curbed if not discontinued for at least 24 to 72 hours so as to avoid grinding dirt, particles and bacteria into an area of the body that is trying to heal.

Other post treatments some others like are:
Calymine lotion
Witch Hazel
Witch Vera
Triple Anti-biotic Lotion

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My electrologist recommends using triple antibiotic cream the night after treatment. Personally, I use Aloe Vera Gel at night and find that it provides relief from redness and swelling. My electrologist has told me that my skin is sensitive, but I do not have the problems that I sometimes read about on these forums.