Electrolysis aftercare rosehip oil?

I’ve started clearance on my back after having stimulated hair growth with laser.
It’s been 3 months and a bit since I stopped laser. We going for clearance and the electrolysis cleared my upper back.
However being Indian I know I’m prone to pigmentation. I have oily skin and can already see alot of marks and deep brown spots being left on the skin.
My aftercare for first 4 days has been aloe vera gel. Now I’m starting to get itchy. How soon can I start using rosehip oil? I’ve had huge spots also emerge after the electrolysis which I believe is due to me having oily skin in the first place. Can I use rosehip oil straight over this… or something else? Is it to early to start using rosehip?

Why do you want to use rosehip oil? What do you think it will accomplish?

Hi Michael
as its been a week after my first big clearance on the top of my back, I want to use something that will help hydrate my skin and stop the itching, as well as help the pigmentation fade along that I can see forming. aloe vera gel isn’t help me in terms of the itching I’m feeling. so would rosehip oil or something else be good to use??

I understand pigmentation will take many months to get rid of, so will let nature take its course, but anything that can help it along as well as sooth the itching I’m getting through out the day


Rosehip oil IS great for dry, damaged skin; I learned about it in cosmetology school and have used it off and on for years on myself. It’s not a miracle, though, and can be expensive. I don’t think it will do anything for hyperpigmentation. Any bland, unscented moisturizer would probably help out with the symptoms you describe.

Some years ago I experimented with pure emu oil; even applied right after a treatment: reduced inflammation and ZERO scabbing (even with very heavy treatment.

A “grower” friend gave me a gallon of the stuff and I still have some left. You can read about this; and yes getting the high grade oil is important. People don’t like the oil, because it comes from animals (dinosaurs actually).

I would wait until your skin calms down to use Rosehip oil, it contains trans-retinoic acid which is what you will find in Retinol products like Tretinoin, it is an irritant and I although it encourages cell turnover and will be great once your skin is healed but while its still itchy probably best to try a milder oil like argan oil(which will be very expensive) something like avocado oil is a great moisturiser and cheap too or any kind of healing cream.