Electrolysis after years of shaving facial hair

Help! I have been shaving since high school and I’m already 31. Once you start, it’s so hard to stop. Everyone warned me then too! It’s gotten so much worse…I even see a slight shadow on my upper lip during the day!

My question is, how long do I need to grow out the hairs on my lip and chin (chin is really bad and I think even more noticeable as the day goes on, I’m constantly reapplying makeup to hide it)? I would be mortified if I had to walk around with black stubble on my pale white face. I tried growing it out once and dyed the hair…but it was still such hard noticeable stubble. It’s so depressing! How long do I need to wait? Please tell me only a day or two so I can hide out somewhere!

My other question is, obviously they can’t get it all done in one sitting. Then what do I do…keep shaving in between? Doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose?

Thanks for your help!

You may have electrolysis with only 24 to 48 hours without shaving in most cases. Some people will need 72 hours to get enough growth to be grasped by the forceps. You don’t sound like that kind of person.

In between treatments, you can clip the hairs back. If you find a good practitioner you can be bare faced at the end of a week.

If I could do the work for you, I would, but I am sure we are not close to each other. Look far and wide to find the best practitioner you can find, and get as much work done as you can as quickly as you can. The faster you get to first clearance, the sooner you are completely finished.

Two days’ growth should be fine. If it’s just your upper lip and chin, maybe go for an hour appointment (1/2 hour on each area). Electrologists always start with the heaviest hairs first, so even if yours can’t remove all the hair in one session, the worst will be gone and what’s left will be easier to hide.

Yes, you’ll probably have to keep shaving between sessions until you reach your first total clearance. But the overall hair load will quickly decrease in the first few weeks/months. You’ll need to shave less and less often, and soon you won’t need your razor between appointments anymore.

Good luck!!
susie (a client, not a electrologist. thermolysis on upper lip and chin)