Electrolysis after laser hair removal?

I would like to hear your opinion on my situation.

I have had 4 laser hair removal treatments on my chin.Results are great but I have about 10 % hairs left. My doctor said that 100% can never be achived.
The hair left are really thin but still dark and my hair grows really long.

I don’t want to pluck hair ever again so I decided to go for electrolysis. But I am not sure how many treatments and in what intervals.
I have already done laser in 30-40 day intervals so I assume that I already caught all growth cycles.
I am planning to remove it all and go for the next session when it comes back.I haven’t plucked or removed the hair in any way and it has been one month post last laser session.

In short my question is will the results be quicker because of this? Can I expect any permanent results even at the first session.

If anyone has any similar experience or any thoughts please share.


It’s true that 100% cannot be achieved with Laser but it can be with electrolysis.

Whether you can expect permanent results at the first session depend on the skill of the electrologist. Skilled electrologists will be able to kill all the present hair at the time of the appointment. Do bear in mind that another cycle of hair might come through in the weeks and months later - the hairs that were missed in a laser cycle probably, as even in those 4 sessions you had, you won’t have killed 100% of the hairs at each app.

But I think it will be short work. Try to get everything cleared asap. And then go back for short treatments as and when. Over time the length of the treatments will decrease and time between them, increase.

Finding a good electrologist is really important though!

Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately there aren’t so many electrologists in my town,only few.I got a recommendation for one and I made an appointment for monday.Hopefully it will be successful!

Great! Do try to report back about how it goes and how your skin reacts.

Make a note of the modality being used - it’s not really important as long as it does the job, but I think it’s important to know.

Some pointers for the first app/consultation. The needle will be inserted in the follicle which should be painless, the current will usually be passed almost simultaneously and you will feel some pain/discomfort from this but it is very different from the feeling of being poked in the skin. The electrologist will then remove the hair with tweezers and it should slide out. You should not feel plucking. Some hairs offer some resistance but again, the feeling won’t be the same as a plucking a hair.

So those are really the two things to note. Good insertions and hair that slides out.

It may help to be prepared with some aftercare such as witch hazel or aloe vera.

I already read topics on this forum and have an idea how the procedure goes.So there should be no stinging when the hair is pulled?I will watch out for that.
I also think that after pain from the laser this will appear painless to me!

I will report back.

good stuff. you will be surprised how many people go into laser and/or electrolysis will very little knowledge about the procedure.

if effectively treated, the hair is just removed from the follicle and slides out. it doesn’t need to be pulled/plucked and it shouldn’t feel like that.

I had my first session today,20 minutes.
It was painful at moments but very tolerable.I payed attention to plucking and for some hairs I did feel a sting,for most of them nothing,but for some there was no pain just some plucking sound.I am not really sure how to explain it,it occurred to me that hair might be breaking,which is not good.I am confused with this.
The strangest thing was metallic taste in my mouth.I have some metal fillings but on my back teeth.
I am hair free now,which is great.
She told me to come again in three weeks. I hope that results will be permanent.I will see how it will go from here.

I have no side effects,redness went away in about ten minutes.

Sounds great. Was it the blend method? The metallic taste is a known phenomenon. As for the ‘plucking’ if it didn’t feel like when you tweeze a hair, then it’s fine. Some hairs have a root that’s wider than the top of the follicle so there’s a kind of ‘twang’ when they come out. 20mins doesn’t sound too bad at all. It will be easy to monitor the reduction.

Quick reply!
I have no idea what method was used?I am not even sure what are you referring to.I don’t know machine type or settings used.
Electrologist said i have really fine hair and that it won’t be a problem to get rid of it.

Did you have to hold a metal rod?

As long as the hair slides out without much resistance after being zapped, it’s treated successfully. You can go in once or twice a month to kill any new growth.

Yes, I held some kind of a small bar,I don’t know a better word for that for the whole treatment. What does that mean?

That means that you were having the Blend method performed (I thought you had read about electrolysis!). This uses a combination of galvanic and thermolysis currents to cause damage.

The redness and swelling that lasts for a little while is common with blend.

It all sounds pretty good. Over the coming months, you will see the hair growth reduce.

Thanks for your explanation.
I did read about procedure and came across electrolysis,termolysis and blend method but I did not know there are differences in procedure (holding bar).I thought that machines are just different.
Now I know i had the best method done,which is great!
I usually research a lot before deciding but in this case I had a recommendation for this electrologist and I decided based on that.Anyway there are only few in my city so I couldn’t choose much.She explained basic procedure to me and all about hair growth,not any specifications for machine.

I really enjoy being hair free now,hope for good results!

There are three types of electrolysis: thermolysis (including even faster microflash), blend, and galvanic. Thermolysis is fastest. Galvanic is slowest. They all work in good hands.

I haven’t reported my progress.
Well a week after my treatment hair appeared again,and it was dark and stronger than before.So I was really disappointed.It wasn’t much hair,only few but it scared me that it was stronger.

Anyway I waited three weeks and had second treatment yesterday.In the meantime more hair growed back.
It was 20 minutes and now I am hair free again.

It’s not hair “growing back”. It’s NEW hair from the next hair cycle. Hair grows in cycles. You need around 12 months of consistent treatments to go through all the cycles.

I know about hair cycles but I already did 4 sessions of laser before electrolysis, so hair should be already treated in all cycles. It appears to me like thicker and darker.I didn’t expect this. I will continue with electrolysis anyway.

How long has it been since you have done your last laser treatment?

I have had many clients who thought laser had worked for them after one month of treatment, but this is to soon to tell. Usually about 2-3 months after LHR a client can really start to see if laser has worked or induced hair growth. It sounds to me like you have had induced hair growth. Continue with the electrolysis.

How long did you wait after finishing laser? Unless you wait about 6 months, it’s hard to say what’s gone for good after laser.

Well it has been one month after last laser session. Some hair grew back and that is why I decided to go for electrolysis. I did four laser treatments in monthly intervals.