electrolysis after laser hair removal


I have had, or I should say I am having, this depends on my next treatement, laser hair removal.
I have mostly blond hair left. I will find out more at my next treatment. I have to seriously consider electrolysis to finish the job.

Has anyone done both? How did they compare? How long after you stopped doing laser did you wait? Anything you would like to share would be great.


I don’t know if this helps, but you are supposed to wait at least one month after electrolysis to have laser treatments. I don’t know if the reverse applies.

I asked my practitioner about electrolysis to remove some stubborn and white hairs that are left after laser and she said to wait at least two months and see what grows back. She also said that about 1mm of hair needs to be left for electrolysis. Probably so she can see the hair and know where to stick the needle.

I am considering electrolysis and if I decide to do it I will post on it.


I had laser done on my face over the course of 14 months. Almost all the dark hairs were removed, and so far I’ve seen little regrowth. about 4 months later I began electrolysis to remove the persistent dark hairs , and the grey ones. After 5 months on electrolysis , I am starting to see progress, as evidenced by a thinning of regrowth. Overall I am pleased with the effectiveness of the laser in performing a sort of broad clearing of my beard. For a complete clearing however, electrolysis will be finishing the job.
As I learn more about electrolysis however I have some concerns - pertinent to my practitioner - that I’ll ask about at another time.

Thanks for the post, busybee, and welcome!

I get a lot of questions about laser on facial hair, so if you have any details, comments, tips, etc., I’m sure the readers would love to hear them!