Electrolysis a year on - in need of advice

Hi all,

this forum has been invaluable for support and advice since I started getting electrolysis a year ago.
I am happy with the progress made on my face but my body treatments are still very slow.

I have been getting my inner thigs done and an area around my bellybutton. I have been getting no fewer than monthly treatments on the bellybutton area for 10 months now and frequently get it treated every fortnight. I haven’t shaved or touched the area in well over a year. However, I literally need a couple of hairs removed from this area every week. I manage to get a complete clearance as the area isn’t huge every time, but within about 5 days I need a new treatment. Is it just that my hairgrowth problem isn’t responding to electrolysis? I would have thought the time between treatments would stretch out after this long.

My thighs are a mess - the area I believe is too big for my particular electrolysist to handle. It makes me really sad to read the success stories on here because where I live in Ireland, electrolysis is very very limited and I wish I could travel to get someone who could maybe work faster on this area. I don’t feel like we have ever achieved a full clearance and I have poured hundreds of pounds into treatments since September on this. My legs are very badly scarreed and haven’t lessened at all. The effect has been so little I feel like I might have to give up and go back to shaving thus throwing all my money and effort of the past few months down the drain.

Should I move on to IPL and then if it works, get the remainder touched up by electrolysis? I am travelling to London in a few months and considered seeing if I could get a recommendation for a practioner there who might give me a dedicated session to clearing my thighs so if anyone knows of anyone in London?

I am sorry, I am just feeling really low about this. I want to make sure I am doing the right thing but aside from my face, I am still really struggling and now finances and time committments are being stretched thin as the months roll by…I would hate to think it’s been a waste and I give in and start shaving again.
Has anyone had positive experiences with treatment on thighs?

Any enocuragement and advice would be really greatly appreciated :frowning:

Many thanks everyone xox

If you can find the thread by Geeza, he’s having body work done by HairTell electrologist Follizap, so you may want to read through his thread.

Otherwise, Mairi Hawkes in Scotland has an Apilus Platinum and I believe can work for longer periods of time at once so you may want to contact her.

mmmm, I wonder what has happened to the belly area, particularly given that you’ve maintained it clear for 10 months? :frowning:

I would also do some more research,and change electrologist as there are plenty of good electrologists in Ireland - even if you are not based in the capital. Also, I believe that you have good chances of finding a better professional in Ireland than in many other countries - as people are fairer and so the market for electrolysis is quite big.

Akina in Dublin is very well known; I did a consult with them and it was very clean and professional. My mother had a year of sessions, also very successful, in a small village in the country. I was very impressed with the high standards available in local beauty parlours in Ireland…its not the dark ages, people have moved on and cleanliness and equipment are top notch in most places. Just keep looking.

If you really dont know where to start - why not try asking people for referrals on one of the Irish beauty blogs (there are plenty- and as I said, people are really into electrolysis in ireland…here is one link - http://www.beaut.ie/forums/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=7170) In short I think you may benefit from shopping around Realta.


ps: by fairer - i mean fairer skinned - haha!

I know of some excellent electrologists in Ireland,but alas not in Dublin. Ann Dunne in Tralee and Catherine Hayes in Galway. Both have apilus micreflash and are very experienced.

What part of Ireland are you located in ? I see Miss O Connell gave you a recomendation for two of her personal friends using Microflash. I hope this was of help to you. Please be aware that there are electrologists here who use Apilus Platinum and Laurier insulated Bulbous Probes, with years of experience. A combination of those 3 factors will give you Permanent Hair Removal in the minimum of time. Please don’t hesitate to contact me further help.
Tel: 091 566985
E-mail theresemoylan@hotmail.com

Hey everyone,Am so sorry i have to post this here.(I tried creating a post,but couldn’t create one).
Am female age 21,with an olive skin but am black British.Firstly i want to say a big thanks to everyone who has taken out their time to explain everything concerning electrolysis.This forum has given me the courage to book for a free consultation with an electrologist that has been practicing for 16years.I have been able to gather courage to go for a free consultation which is tomorrow.

My hair history.
I am hairy but i doubt if its due to any extremely abnormal hormonal imbalance(because i have irregular periods) because,my sister and mum are hairy but has regular periods .However due to my utmost deisre for fresh glowing skin,i started shaving since high school,and then went on to waxing and then went on to laser on my chest and legs(due to thick hairs from waxing my legs).
I was expecting laser to destroy all the follicles as i saw on a clinic website online(a picture of no hair on a woman with hairy chin after laser treatment) but it just made the hair lighter.

However,after i witnessed induced growth on my chest because of laser and so i have decided to stop and start researching on what next to do to these embarrassing hair.

Also,sometime in first year in uni,i had two chin hair and because of the wonders laser had done on my legs,i decided to also laser my chin .Unfortunetly,just as the chest turned out,i had alot of induced growth and became so depressed.I became so depressed that i could not sleep for two days because i also did not know what to do.Somehow i decided to ask a friend who recommended electrolysis and with hair tell forum i have been able to get educated on electrolysis.

And so tomorrow is my first appointment and i can’t wait because the hairs are so embarrassing especially with the induced hair growth.

But please i have some questions to ask so that i can know if the electrologist am going to see tomorrow knows what she is doing.She also uses the blend(which i read is the most effective).Also i have been drinking lots of water.

Please i have been reading somethings about Apiltum …(i really can’t remember the exact words )please what is that?
Secondly,can i do electrolysis on the v part of my shape and some scattered induced hair growth towards my neck and on my cleavage?
Thirdly,from my readings and considering the kind of hair i have(fine but noticeable),would my treatment take long?
What kind of ointment or cream is she supposed to apply before and after treatment?

Am so sorry about all these questions.I am really excited but also frightened because of the pain tomorrow.

Thanks alot

sorry i meant v part of my chest.

thanks for this knowledge, it probably sounds naive but I have no idea what type of electrolysis I am even getting! I have an appointment on tuesday so I will try and ask about these things to report back. I am in the North so maybe there are more options in the republic i should look into.
My legs are just so badly scarred at the minute and the process is so slow, I am scared to continue with this area particularly. But I think I would love a second opinion/look at them and see what way I should proceed.

Many thanks for the answers and support everyone.

Please i have a problem, I have been doing electrolysis over a year now with a lady who uses picoflash on settings 2 to treat my chin,stomach and chest.Fortunately and unfortunately,i noticed a reduction in hair but almost ayear into the treatment,i noticed that hair growth is stimulated in nearby areas of the treated places.Right now, i have put the electrologist on hold and going to see stephanie in dorking for my treament.I called her and explained that i have only seen about 60percent in 10months and she said it could have been due to low heat treatment because picoflash does not burn the roots of the hair especially for africans who have distorted follicle.I am really down at this moment because it feels like the treatments i have had so far havnet really helped especially in my chin.
What confuses me is that, i don’t know why hair growth is been stimulated in nearby areas on my chin/neck.Please could someone explain this.And the machine the first lady i have been using is apilus platinum .

mam, how old are you?

Maybe it’s possible but I don’t know. It’s definitely the case that androgen sensitive areas on a women’s body get more hairy with age. Perhaps it would have happened even if you weren’t having electrolysis?

Regardless of modality, the practitioner needs to be experienced with their modality treating different kinds of hairs. I don’t think picoflash is the problem. But you are doing well to try Stephanie, since Pokka achieved excellent results with her.

I’ve had this question too.

I wonder: If heat during laser treatments can induce hair growth in surrounding follicles, then why not the heat in electrolysis treatments? The same mechanisms should apply for surrounding follicles (not the target follicle).

really.then if it does,i wonder why some people achieve great results with no surrounding stimulation.I am 22 years.

The same thought had crossed my mind but I don’t really think it would be possible. Electrolysis heat is localised and even if the surrounding skin was heated, we would be talking about the follicles right next door… the client would not be able to tell if new follicles had been stimulated in a case like mam’s where she says ‘nearby areas’ because it would be the exact treatment area. It’s much more likely that it was going to happen anyway.

Hi mam91, as stoppit stated, heat from electrolysis is extremely localised hence the importance of a skilled electrologists regardless of the machine being used. Surrounding hairs will not be stimulated by electrolysis, you are having the typical hormonal areas treated, has there been a substantial increase in the growth?
Do you feel tweezing with the hair is being removed. Have your treatments decreased over this time, the majority of people will still have growth at 10 months, especially if you were tweezing or waxing prior to starting. Have you been doing the maintain and advance method, which starts with having regular treatment then gradually spacing the appointments apart ?

I started with full clearance then along the line started spacing out.i used to go every 2weeks but down to 3weeks - 1month interval because hair growth takes longer. the growth of new follicle is very minimal and soft.yes i have seen alot of reduction and the hairs that are still yet to die are softer and thinner than before.but then again we started with level 4 on pico flash but because of the hyper pigmentation,we reduced it to level 2.its actuallly like next by follicles that am seeing little growth.i don’t tweeze or pluck too.