Electrolyse Automatique (WARNING!)

The Global Electrolysis Supply page now has a link to what appears to be an independent vendor: Electrolyse Automatique.

I’m suspicious of the company and machine, as its selling points seem overhyped (24,000 microvolts?!? Why not 24 millivolts?) and the web site has a very similar disclaimer, sneakily put in a one-line-high scroll box, to the one on GES’s page.

Plus the “about” page says that EA was purchased by a “private global investment firm”, such as GES maybe?

And there’s no manufacturer address shown.

I don’t know that it’s a scam, but I am suspicious.

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Electrolysis S{…fõy should be avoided by all consumers

Électrolyse Automatique International is a spinoff of Global Electrolysis Supply, one of the most disreputable companies in the hair removal industry. Apparently, they are trying to distance themselves from a company name with such a bad reputation.

This is the same basic junk as Global Electrolysis Supply’s V2R and V2R-G robe epilators, only they’ve upped the price a couple hundred dollars. If you’re going to spend hundreds of dollars, you might as well go ahead and get a low-end professional machine from a reputable company.

Yeah, their site is laughable. Did you see their Terms of Use presentation: a one line scroll box of 5 pages of text which includes: you have a 90 day unconditional guarantee except for products which may have come in contact with body fluids, or Literature, which is everything they sell!

They don’t even show their products online any longer. I remember their galvanic unit which sold for about $300 having specifications of 1,500,000 to 9,000,000 micro-volts (or some similar range) trying to sound really technical, which in actuality would be a basic battery of 1.5 volts to 9 volts. It’d take you about $50 to make your own comparable unit.

Definitely a company to avoid.

I even added a little warning on my main site:

Hairfacts: Electrolyse Automatique (WARNING!)